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Busy people with Quick watch Anime!

December is a hectic month since Christmas and my birthday fall on the same period. Recently I am hooked on short-time anime. Short duration anime is suitable for those who want hassle-free entertainment. Therefore, I highly recommend these few animes that suit your busy lifestyle!

My Neighbor Figaro-Kun  

Firstly I have no idea why this anime has such title when in actual anime search, this is referred to as Tonari no Seki-kun. I might need someone who is an expert in Japanese to explain this to me. I happened to watch this anime trailer in one of my friend’s Facebook and it caught my attention. There is no storyline and this anime is pure comedy entertainment. Seki-kun is not interested in study and he is always living in his own world. By using his imagination and creativity, he creates innovative way of doing things in life. With his mischievous plan, he usually drags his classmate Yokoi-chan into trouble. 

There are 21 episodes in total and each last about 10 minutes which is perfect to watch while waiting for a bus or a train. Every episode begins in the classroom and generally ends with Yokoi-chan getting scolded by the teachers! Poor Yokoi-chan! 

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie  

This is one of the sweetest anime I have watched so far in this year. It is a shoujo anime. When I mention about shoujo, it means there are many handsome guys! The story follows Sayuri Haruno, a girl who attends an elite confectionery school Fleurir on a scholarship to follow her dream to open a pastry shop. There she meets several charming young men. 

This anime storyline is straightforward and easy to follow even if you watch it once a fortnight. Sayuri-chan is fortunate to be surrounded by 4 hot males in the school. Sometime I wonder if I can  travel into the anime and be the main character. This anime should not be a miss for girls who love desserts and handsome boys in one place. It has 24 episodes and it is a completed series.  


I get my food inspiration from Wakako-chan by watching this anime. Murasaki Wakako is 26 years old and loves going out to eat and drink alone. She is an office worker and always tries to be happy by eating a lot of good foods after each unpleasant incident happens at work. Each day Wakako-chan will bring you to a new café or restaurant after her work ends. I guarantee that you will learn more about food from her. There is one time I consulted Wakako-chan on my lunch and she recommends me fried-karage! (Just pick a random episode and get an idea from Wakako-chan) 

She is available for 12 days and do grab your chance to know her more! (12 episodes in total). 

Written by SnoringSeal

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