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The Remains Of December

Hello readers. How was everybody's Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day? Mine was not an entirely enjoyable long weekend, but I shall spare all the details of my agony. So after all that Christmas madness, I'm sure that a lot of people are anticipating the ushering of 2016. I mean, just take a look at the road blockages and stuff lying around the stretch where Esplanade is. The annual countdown event is just three days away. Nope, I would rather be comfortable. The last time I went to one of such events, I nearly tumbled into the river. Again, I shall spare all the details. But let's all look forward to a promising year ahead despite the odds.

I did a little shopping for myself in the midst of insanity boiling over its maximum capacity before and after Christmas. The paperback mountain in my bedroom is never going to reduce in size. There are just too many titles fighting for my attention, and I don't wish to harbour any regrets by constantly refraining myself. What is another book anyway? It is definitely essential to my well-being. That said, let me share with all the little damage which I did to my wallet. First up, the seventh tankoubon of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun! Yes, it is finally here after a long wait. The front cover art this time features Seo Yuzuki and Sakura Chiyo, who are close friends.  

Yeah, everybody stand in a line and say ooh. This came as a little surprise since I was half-expecting myself to circle the bookstore, not knowing if I should really trigger a landslide in the middle of my bedroom. Anyway, I was so thrilled that I didn't need to turn my brains inside-out for anything else. Yuzuki resembles a playful witch sitting over that huge ink brush. Chiyo looks all set for another fruitful session at Nozaki-kun's place. The new tankoubon has an air of blossoming love, at least according to the synopsis at the back. Well, I can't wait to savour it! Gosh, now I'm tempted to re-watch the entire anime as well. An ideal way to spend the last couple of days before the new year, eh?

Around the same time when I was penning that recent letter to Nayuki, I stumbled upon the manga adaptation of High School Star Musical. Suddenly, a little luck was on my side for once. I don't usually dig titles with an idol line-up, yet Starmyu has rubbed its magic rather effectively onto me. Perhaps a little too much than what I had expected really. For days, I have been looping several songs from the franchise. The ending theme song has got to be the biggest single thus far. Apart from the ensemble, there are solo versions by all five members of Team Otori. The inner jukebox is definitely screaming.

Here is the chibi version of Nayuki by the way. Thankfully, there are such wonderful moments to take away from this series. While I still find it ticklish that anybody in that anime could easily break into song and dance regardless of their situation and such, the story of chasing and ultimately living one's dream has found a permanent place in my heart. An inspiration indeed. Hopefully, that positive energy would carry forward into the new year as well. The festive season didn't turn out quite right, but I reckon that these little bits and pieces have helped soothe the blues in some way.

I wish all readers a great end to 2015, and a greater start to 2016!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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