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Manga Review for Her Impact!

Title: Her Impact!
Writer: Mikel Miles
Manga Artist: Digitkame
Art: Sukma Agustriyana
Genre: Sports/Comedy/Slice of Life

Summary: Sadie Hiroshi, an African Japanese woman who took over her father's legacy in boxing. She's a single mother and having a hard time in life with her profession. With these things currently going on, what will be the impact of boxing on her?

Rate: 8/10

Review: Before I know it, the word "to be continued" stares back at me from the screen, I am much captivated by this indie manga. At the prelude, I peruse the chapters with a little detachment but it instigated my concentration and gratified that the storyline never prolongate; Sadie Hiroshi is a representation of strong women-I'm not a gung-ho feminist but at the same time, support feminism and fight for justice for both men and women. Sadie's character is very genial and as a reader get a charge out of her quirky personality. A fair warning for those who are discomfited with the number of cusses, you are to be of a certain age to read this manga because of the adult words fitted into the chapters, but that only adds on to Sadie Hiroshi's characteristic. She is your typical single mother who detests her working venue yet forces herself to be committed. What really has my interestedness is Sadie's mixed culture and also, curious to learn more about her background. The art design is pleasing to the eyes, both with and without color content.

Give this manga a chance, support the indie society, they have put in a lot of effort for Her Impact! and it shows throughout. I am glad to have the chance to review and I will make sure to send out information to my friends.

You may download the free "Her Impact!" here.

Written by, Rugi chan

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