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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Kazuki Kazami (Good Smile Company)

To All,

I have been unleashing all my urges to purchase figures as Christmas rolls by, under the excuse of getting them as presents for myself. Two days ago, my modest November loot has finally made its way to me and out of them all, I would like to review one of my most anticipated Nendoroids: Kazuki Kazami from Grisaia no Kajitsu.

First off, let’s have a brief introduction about Grisaia no Kajitsu for those of you who are unfamiliar with the series. It started out as a visual novel, later acquiring an anime adaptation, and the first visual novel already has an English adaptation!

The story is set in Mihama Academy where five female students, each with their own set of worries and problems, are cast into the school. Kazami Yuuji, the first male student then enrolls and stakes out to confront his past, solving the five girls’ troubles along the way.

Packaging 7/10
Kazuki’s box is simply a standard nendoroid box, with her details generally printed in lilac. For me, the lilac colors brings out the cool and calm side of her personality while the red font highlights the dash of her quick-witted tenacity in dangerous situations.
The back of her box simply highlights three of her available poses. My personal favorite is the third pose where Kazuki has a sling and is holding the stew with her free hand!

Looking at her blister didn’t leave me very excited as it became obvious that Kazuki came with minimal parts. But nevertheless, I was still pumped up enough to unpack her and re-enact some of the poses in the series!

Base 6/10
She comes with the usual nendoroid base. However, the hole on her back is slightly too small for her stand and I really had to push rather hard to get enough of the stand in. Actually, I even considered filing the stand slightly just to get it to fit better... In fact, I might go back to do just that but for now, I’ll just force the stand in as best as I can! Fortunately, though the two do not fit snugly, it seems that the base serves well enough to hold her in place upright even with only a minimal amount of the stand fitting in.

Thanks to how her hair is splayed out behind her, Kazuki is also able to stand on her own without the use of her stand, albeit leaning a little back and appearing a little awkward as her face will be tilted up toward the ceiling. If anyone is interested, I would be including pictures of her without her base at the end of this review!

Sculpting and painting: 9/10
There were no major flaws in my copy of this nendoroid. Most of Kazuki’s details have been fantastically shrunk down to nendoroid size. Her hairstyle has been kept rather faithful to her original illustration and appears to be adequately volumised. Furthermore, the details in her clothes (especially the sling) are realistic.

"Here Amane, eat this stew. It's safe."

Posing and Assembly 6/10
Something that this nendoroid fundamentally lacked was her posability.

Kazuki had two rather similar faceplates. Her neutral and smiling faceplates looked too similar (with the only noticeable difference mainly being her mouth), and her other faceplate didn’t seem all that different either. I suppose I can understand the lack in variety in her faceplates to an extent as Kazuki isn’t an expressive person, but honestly, I expected a little more from GSC...

Moreover, she came with minimal parts — hair, body, several exchanges for arms and three faceplates. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any leg parts. Some arm parts couldn’t be removed from the sleeve (most other nendoroids all their arm parts detachable from their sleeves). Moreover, the knife couldn’t be removed from her  right hand, and her stew was also conjoined to another right hand, thus disabling the possibility of posing her holding both the stew and the knife.

Although the stew itself could be removed from the hand, the peg from the stew could only be inserted into the hole on the same right hand, this she cannot be posed holding the stew with any other hand.

Her mechanical arm could be taken apart into three different parts — sleeve, bent arm, mechanical part.This is mostly pointless in my opinion as her other arms either came as a whole from shoulder down (sleeve + arm + hand) or from arm down (arm + hand) and no other arm parts had a removable hand to match with the mechanical part.

It’s really a shame as I was hoping to be able to use that bent arm part with other nendoroids. Really, that bent arm would go very well with the knife accessory as well...

However, something that impressed me with this nendoroid is that the hooks on her mechanical arm are movable and it’s possible to part them to pose her holding different objects. I had quite a lot of fun trying to get her to grip different items!

Enjoyment 7/10
Maybe Kazuki has been possessed by the cannibals?

“How about some of my homemade stew for dinner?”
Generally, I’m glad to own this figure! However I feel that the lack of posability really subtracts a lot from this figure.

I would recommend this nendoroid to those who intend to get her to complete their collection, or to Kazuki’s fans. However, if you intend to get her for posing, you might want to look towards getting other nendoroids instead.

Her knife and stew parts make very good accessories for other nendoroids too, so do check them out if you are intending to organize or join a split for her accessories. With the right poses and angles, Kazuki’s accessories would make a really cute cooking scene where all your nendoroids work hard together to prepare a meal!

From Your Fellow Collector,

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