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Idealistic Realism: School Life

Argh! Kill them!

I would like to believe that a lot of the anime that's been bestowed upon mankind mirror a considerable part of reality even though the bottom line for most people when anime is concerned is to escape from reality. Realism could be intimidating when combined with an assortment of elements in the anime world. Say if you discovered that your favourite teacher has just had his neck severely gnawed at by a stranger exhibiting abnormal behaviour outside the school gate, would you wish that it was just a bad dream? Then you realise that the insane man isn't a zombie but a cannibalistic serial killer who's just decided to annihilate the entire school with nothing but his teeth. Your best friend urges you to escape even though the time's approaching fourth period which is your most favourite subject. Both of you attempt to run from the back gate, but unfortunately a huge bus comes crashing through. You and your friend spot a bicycle and make a dash for it. Finally, you realise that the cannibalistic serial killer is indeed a zombie. What's so real about all that, you ask? The school is.

A mini concert in class is just sugoi!

Okay, are those wet wipes that I see over there? Can I have some? Thanks. Don't go around wasting eggs. I mean, imagine how much omelettes you could fry with them. Anyway, I would like to celebrate the many portraits of school life in anime. Even though they might seem idealistic, I would so re-live my life as a student if I had those moments. Yes, I'm not afraid to admit that my school days were seriously lacking.

Welcome to Mahjong Club!

Mahjong should be validated as an after-school club activity. It would be much better if there was some sort of showcase like an inter-school mahjong tournament to entice freshmen into participating. Top that with interesting characters like a penguin plushie-hugging soft-spoken girl with breasts...I mean, assets that could annihilate the entire male population within seconds. My secondary school only had English Chess that felt nondescript because it didn't quite surface as prominently as poker which a fair lot of students got busted for (pun intended) because it was just too fun. In case anybody's wondering, I had stuck to Uno. Anyway, a mahjong club would be just as uplifting if not more so. And mahjong is good for the brains. Chess is just boring...I mean, sleep-inducing.

Boing! I mean...tsumo! =x

Eating and drinking in classrooms were prohibited in my school. Unlike Japanese students who could have their lunches (homemade or canteen-bought) in the comfort of their classes (or elsewhere cool like the rooftop), we had to adjourn to the canteen until the next bell. Also, there wasn't any club that could be as comfortable as the Light Music Club of Sakuragaoka High School. Sipping classy teas, eating cakes that bore fancy, hard-to-pronounce names, dozing off, taking care of a pet turtle, and playing musical instruments. I kind of resonated with Yui's initial impression of the club. Having afternoon tea almost every day would be bliss. Music practice could come later. Oh, there's another club known as GJ Club, but that's of a totally different category.

Join us for tea! :)

I was a student librarian for a while. Frankly, I wasn't really that enthusiastic about library duty, but it was still way better than many other clubs since the library was air-conditioned. Oddly enough, there weren't as many students who borrowed books as compared to those who visited the library just for the air-conditioning. The mentality for a lot of students was that they had enough of books in their lives, so they would rather not jeopardise anything by borrowing more books. If you ask me, I would say that the school library didn't have the right feel to it. But what exactly would be the right feel? I don't know...maybe a student librarian like Mayaka? Or the possibility of witnessing a klutzy girl diving straight towards a bookshelf. Anyway, the other student librarians and I would usually end up talking because we were so bored.

How dreamy this library looks...oh, my Literature Girl...

If I had moments like those, I wouldn't mind re-living my life as a student.


Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪   

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