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For The Sweet Tooth: St. Marc Cafe

A friend asked me this question: Ever thought of starting up your own business? My answer to him was a definite no. And it is still a definite no. I might have some ideas swimming inside my head, but that doesn't necessarily imply that those ideas would translate well operationally.

For example, a dessert shop; I told my friend that if I were to become my own boss I would have already eaten my shop bankrupt before any transaction could take place. I humbly apologise for my complete lack of self-control...well, not really. I suppose that says something about just how much I could love desserts and stuff. Especially Japanese confectionery. I think that I might have a built-in radar or something whenever Japanese sweets are concerned. My most favourite has to be just about anything with matcha, but at the same time I'm pretty receptive towards many other types of confectionery.

I wonder how many readers are familiar with St. Marc Cafe? St. Marc Cafe originated in Japan, with its first outlet at Ginza Maronie Boulevard in Tokyo in 1998. More than 300 outlets have opened in various parts of Japan since then. In Singapore, the first St. Marc Cafe opened at Vivo City in 2012. It is a 52-seater located on the first level. A second outlet opened along the new Marina Square extension with 120 seats, making it the biggest branch so far. Finally, a third St. Marc Cafe was introduced in the busy city with a 53-seater down on the first basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre. I've been to all three outlets, but the most patronised has to be the one at Marina Square. Okay, it's a lot more spacious and definitely more comfortable. If possible, try to visit the cafe on normal weekdays because the odds of finding a seat for yourself let alone a group of people are extremely low on weekends and public holidays.

Now, what is to love about St. Marc Cafe? Everything. Consider this an unhealthy obsession if you please, but I've got to say that St. Marc Cafe remains my most favourite hangout and go-to for my sugar fix. Okay, perhaps the mere fact that it is a Japanese franchise has already scored the most points before everything else. Of course, the wide array of products continues to charm the glutton in me. I haven't tried everything on the menu (yet) but thankfully, I've already got several favourites that I try my best to rotate with each visit. Let me push out some recommendations for any sweet-tooth glutton out there. In no particular order of preference, here comes the list:

Chestnut Mountain. I believe that this is one of their newer items on the menu. If I'm not mistaken, this could easily be their most sinful dessert as well. Chestnut Mountain contains a trail of rum liqueur alongside yummy soft ice-cream, chestnut bits (obviously), a chocolate wafer stick, chewy cake and something else that I don't quite remember. I wouldn't mind eating only Chestnut Mountain every day. Don't worry, I promise not to get drunk or anything.

Sugar Almond Pie (left) and Matcha Latte (right). In my opinion, this is one combination that never fails to perk me up on a lazy afternoon. The Sugar Almond Pie reminds me of those crispy thin pancakes. The dusted sugar really adds to the flavour. I feel that the overall sweetness is just right. It complements the Matcha Latte. I recommend the Matcha Latte to be consumed hot (even though the iced version is just as delicious). Drinking the Matcha Latte after taking bites of the sugar pastry really brings out the richness and bittersweetness of the matcha. It is also light on the taste buds. Oh, Matcha Latte also goes very well with Matcha Daifuku Chococro. I believe that it used to be seasonal until recent months when it has become a regular item.  

Well, I'm starting to feel really tempted to head down to St. Marc Cafe after all that typing. One of my favourite ways to spend a lazy afternoon is to read a light novel or manga over some delicious Matcha Latte and Chococro. Hmm...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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