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Toy Collections '09 - Warcraft Lighter, Super Mario Soundrops and Bearbricks from Medicom

Hi Everyone
Sorry for the lack of posting. Last month was probably my sickest period of my life. I haven't been coughing for the past 7 years (yes I was consciously counting) but suddenly I got the nasty bout of of virus from sick people seemingly coughing their lungs out. Went to clinic at CCK and there were like 20 sick chickens waiting for their turns. Dec 08 seems like a sick period. Anyone feels the same? For a moment, my ever-churning brain envisioned what it might look like a Doom's Day, The Day After Tomorrow or The Day when the Earth Stood Still, whatever you like to call, a chaotic mass of infected citizens exposed to Biological & chemical weapons from the rogue nations. What will you do? Stay home forever? Order McDonald and KFC everyday? .....
Now, recovered and fit like a fiddle... I promised myself to take Vitamin C daily to protect all these virus. Orc from World of Warcraft.... one of my favourite collection. A chrome don't smoke, just like the nice laser-cut artsmanship. He look nasty but he is also strong... in Doom's day, will he be against us or be one of us?

Gacha...Mario Soundrops from Bandai. Very colourful and shaped like a teardrop. Press the button in the centre and a typical Mario-theme sound will be heard. One has the sweet melody at the start of Mario game. There's one with the sound everytime Mario grabs the coin. Great as a keychain...but its weird at times when I sit down with my tight jeans in lecture know...the sounds go off. Then you see curious gals glancing around, trying to find out who's playing thrill! ^_^

A pair of Bearbricks from Medicom I've bought from China Square Central. Gold and Silver in color. With movable arms, it's very nice displayed under the spot-lits. I'm not actually a fan of Bearbrick though..just like the Gold and Silver color.

Thanks for watching.

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