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Reina's Japan Trip, June 2016: Day 5 (Part III) [Hokkaido, Hakodate Yunokawa public foot bath and Kaiten-zushi Marukatsu Suisan]

To All,

This is the last part of my Day 5 trip and as seen from the title, this article would feature the Yunokawa public foot bath as well as the Kaiten-zushi Marukatsu Suisan. We'll start off with the journey after leaving the Hachiman Shrine, to the Yunokawa public foot bath.
The slopes in Hakodate are definitely a sight to behold, especially if you're in Singapore because you rarely see such sights here even though it's probably nothing out of the ordinary!
More squids to celebrate our journey thus far before getting on the tram and leaving for Yunokawa. And of course next... Ta-da! Yunokawa tram station. We're here!
And yes, the station is this tiny path you see right in front of you. This is the platform which you board and alight at. And before I move on to talk about the rest, let me show you the Love Live! bag I saw on the tram!
It feels so great to see a fellow fan in other countries, though said country is the country of origin.

Yunokawa's public foot bath is in an area surrounded by pretty flowers. It really helps to set the mood, however if you do visit it, do remember to bring along a towel. You will also need to act fast when drying your feet because the breeze there is deadly against wet skin! I didn't have a towel as this trip down was very much unplanned and using tissues as a substitute isn't a very pleasant idea or experience.
Look at how that warm water is pouring out! Ah, it must be so good to be right beside it! My group spent about half an hour here, chatting and soaking until it got darker (it gets dark at late 6 p.m.) and we decided to go for dinner.
Dinner was at Kaiten-zushi Marukatsu Suisan. There are two different seats there, by the conveyor belt or in rooms. Seeing how there were 19 groups of people there before mine, I was glad we could have ended up with at least the room.

In the waiting hall itself, where you wait to be seated, there are all sorts of food for taste-testing. Some of the food that are for ala-carte orders are also placed near the entrance.

My group didn't end up getting any of these but we went for the sushi instead. The sushi there is really good, and I decided to splurge and get a plate of ootoro. The way it melts in the mouth is too amazing to describe in words!

There were quite a few types of sushi ordered and from the top of my head I can remember: ootoro, chuutoro, salmon, tuna mayo, inari sushi and scallop at least. Can you spot the different kinds of sushi and name them? 

For dessert, I got a creamy pudding. The custard taste was strong, bursting through your senses with the first mouth as it melts in your mouth. The creaminess adds to the texture as well!

The caramel sauce is really sweet and you'll feel like you're in candy heaven if you have it alone. If you are not that into sweets but still want to try this, I would recommend taking three scoops of the pudding alone then mixing the rest through with the sauce!

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