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Tabi Machi Late Show: Natsu Matsuri

Hello readers. Let's begin the remains of January by not reflecting on much, since time still carries on like nobody's business. I reckon that going slow isn't completely out of the question, just that there has to be a glaring sign somewhere in order to leap right into. On the other hand, the occasional oblivion doesn't seem like a bad idea. That is, if anybody is thinking on the same pages. Please watch that cauldron of magic potion if anybody is brewing some. Remember to close all windows and lock the door before heading out to run your errands, meet somebody, blah blah blah. Oblivion only makes sense if nobody intends to keep a catastrophe for a pet. Anyway, today's offering takes us to the third little story of Tabi Machi Late Show: Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival).

At first, I thought that it was rather odd to reminisce about the summer festival, but hey, there is no fixed time for anybody's fond memories to be played back to them. Readers who have had experienced the first two stories of Tabi Machi Late Show would probably have been pleasantly surprised (I hope) by the somewhat unconventional storytelling and animation style. I think that such an approach actually complements those little stories. Come to think of it, when life is stripped bare it pretty much feels like one of those moments. For the summer festival, it is a re-affirmation of an unwavering friendship even when the circumstances have long changed.

It would be hard not to spoil the gist of what this summer festival is about, as the episode is painfully short (though not as short as other titles which have quite unfortunately come my way) and would probably be conveniently forgotten somehow. The reason for that is because there is a completely unexpected twist towards the end, which might well blow a handful of readers away if not everybody else. I have to say that Summer Festival is thus far my most favourite story, thanks to the mind-blowing surprise. I strongly recommend to anybody who appreciates such a simple yet amazingly breathtaking storytelling this little episode.  

I often wish that I could experience the rich, diverse cultures of Japan outside the world of manga and anime. Over the years, I have seen or heard friends, classmates and acquaintances making their repeated trips to different parts of Japan. A dear friend is even working in Japan. I know that my turn would come someday. I mean, when one constantly gets surrounded by such glaring temptations, they would want something to materialise eventually. It would be nice to have a short-term study trip in Tokyo or a more laid-back region (the countryside?). Oh, I must definitely hit the bookstores if I were to ever get there. Apparently, it is way cheaper to buy manga and stuff in Japan. That is, if you don't include the airfare and accomodation upfront.  

Okay, that is enough daydreaming for now. I should leave some space for night-time. For those who are planning to go view the cherry blossoms this year, do have a wonderful time there. A couple of my classmates might be hitting there as well. Ah, such is bliss.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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