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Game exclusives: Dragonquest Heroes II Part 2

The last two exclusives for Dragonquest Heroes will be covered. So far, I am really liking the specials. They are looking to be very decent equipment, and not your usual cosmetic skins, or mediocre junk.

Aeon's Momonja whip looks very weird, even scary. It resembles a shrunken head. Anyway it can only be equipped by Jessica, and it is actually a defensive passive. You unfreeze faster than normal. Not too impressive, but not useless either.

And now we come to the only equipment us pathetic gaijin gamers can get easily: Sony's exclusive. This mean looking pair of Golem Gloves can damage even enemies even while they are guarding or have armour. Only equippable by Hasan or Arena. I can't save the image though. Oh, well. Oh wait, there's also Dragi Bommerang, only available to PS+ members. Increases resistance to Charm.

Now we come to crossover stuff. If you have Dragonquest Builders' save data, you get Builders Wooden Hammer! See it above. Enemies stagger easier. And for players of part one, both of the former heroes' armour will be available! 

Magazine collaborations are the final part of this article. Needlessly to day, V Jump has the lion's share. Shonen Jump Issue 25 gives the Golden Slime sword. Defeated slimes may drop Golden Fragments. V Jump has Dancing Jewel Soloban, which increases gold, and the Shadow Blade above, no effects listed yet. Two other guidebooks give Golden Club( critical rate up) and Metal Hunter Sword, which kills metal monsters easier. 

All in all, a very impressive array of exclusives, which will make many gamers very poor indeed. And there has been no mention of making any of these available through DLC at all. Grab them before they are gone.

Written by Don

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