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Nocturnal: Flowers for Algernon

We all have been through this where we would stay up all night or at least most of the night watching late night shows or playing games or marathon a whole season or two. Thus, I dub this as nocturnal. Nights where I spend watching any shows that interests me or that I’ve put off for quite a while. Sometimes I like to binge watch shows that I’ve watched before and I never get bored of it. But in this case, this show was an unexpected encounter of curiosity. Surfing online got me interested in something call “F4A”. First thing that came to mind was Final Fantasy. I don’t know why but it did. Next, Persona 4 came to mind as it has a similar acronym. 

Just a short Google search and l found Flowers for Algernon. I never really thought I would marathon it straightaway but hey, surprises are good.

The JDrama, Flowers for Algernon, or Algernon ni Hanataba o is an adaptation of an actual novel by Daniel Keyes, which have received a few other film adaptations in the 1960s with Charly and a few in the 2000s

The late Daniel Keyes who passed away two years ago...

Flowers for Algernon is a story about Shiratori Sakuto or Sakuto as he is known by characters in the show, is born with the intelligence of a 6 year old despite being 28. 

He portrays the character of an adult with the mind of a kid really well

The inciting incident of the story is his meeting with Algernon, a mouse, in the park after he was beat up, which leads him to meeting a group of scientist needing a human test subject for their recently developed serum. 

Gif credit to nihondoramaotaku

The story revolves around the relationships he had developed before being introduced to the serum as well as after it was injected into his system. It kinda puts up a perspective on how it would be like to be just recently introduced into this world born as a grown up or a kid with a higher intellect in a grown up body, which is exactly what this show is about. It tested his relationship with his friends on how it was before he became smart and after. It shows that sometimes “power” can easily get to your head and you start to ignore those who were close to you. 

Sakuto is seen to be more honest than most of the adults in the show, which brings up the thought that adults tend to be more dishonest as we have experience struggles in our lives. Being a kid suddenly thrust into the adult world without going through the phases in between really is scary. I really like the struggles of the friendship between Sakuto and his colleagues more than his romantic relationship. Probably because I’ve never been in one before. But the issues they face as friends really do hit home and made me look back on my past thinking of what I did was really childish and stupid. Yes, I do see that the adult characters more of a child due to their behaviour and personalities and Sakuto as an adult, well before he became smart. If we’re talking about the romantic struggles, I prefer his colleague to Sakuto’s. It makes me cringe but they’re a sweet couple.

There, I’ve tried my hardest not to spoil so much of the story and it sort of feels very vague but I recommend you guys watching it. It might get a bit dull around the halfway point of the story onwards but the ending was nice but I would’ve preferred some parts to be slightly different when it’s leading up to the ending.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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