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Megahouse Murasakibara Atsushi

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! What better way to celebrate Valentine's (other than a romantic candlelit dinner perhaps) than to talk about Kuroko no Basuke's favourite sweet-toothed giant? His alternate job was even listed as pastry chef! Imagine buying chocolates from him~

So, Megahouse's Murasakibara isn't new. In fact, he was released ages ago but I might have procrastinated unboxing him a little (a lot).

I think he's the first one of the KnB Megahouse series to get an alternate head! The others so far don't have extra parts.

Here they are side by side for comparison. I think they both look great! I like how they make him frown to suit his ponytail. It means he's really concentrating on the game!

Like the others, minimal assembling is required.

As with the others, he has a very dynamic pose!

As usual, Megahouse did a wonderful sculpt and paint job with the jersey! The folds are so natural and the paint lines are so clean and neat.

The sculpting and shading on the arms are extremely well-done too!

Moving on, changing heads is a very simple affair. Just pop whichever you want in place! The raised collar or the jersey and curved edges conceal the face that it is an interchangeable head well.

Personally I find the nose a little too upturned for my liking.

Detailed shoes and the same kind of base as the others!

To finish off, here's a 360 degree view of Murasakibara! I changed the head back to the one with flowing locks as I prefer this look.

While Murasakibara unlocked his true potential and finally admitted he loves basketball in the manga, let's not forget that he could also make one hell of a pastry chef! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Written by Nana

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