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Unboxing Mirai Suenaga 271 Nendroid Series

Hello readers, so how have you been?

My past collection of anime toys has been small items such as gashapons, keychains, pins, badges and everything cute. I avoided collecting Nendroids because they are expensive. However, I had recently bought the Mirai Suenaga No. 271 Figurine from Good Smile Company. I always like Mirai because the creator uses lots of orange colour in the theme. Kudos to Danny Choo who created Mirai from scratch and propelled it to fame.

Now, lets get back to unboxing my very first nendroid (what a laggard I am)..

 Even though I like Mirai, I have to say other nendroid blister boxes look better. So I'm not going to keep Mirai in its box.
 It comes with a mini car and 2 more interchangeable face. Some other hands with different postures, Japanese flag, decals and instruction booklets.

 This is how the chibi Mirai looks like... Hmm, kawaii isn't she?

 Changing some of her expressions. Her hair is removable.

 Side view. I give the quality of Good Smile Company 9.5/10. Mirai has a solid feel to it.

    The mini-car that Mirai will be driving or siting pretty in. It looks bare.

  Other stuffs they threw in...

 Mirai decals sheet to stick to the car. Once I saw it, I knew this wasn't straightforward because there were no LINES to tear off. So I needed to cut..:(

  This doesn't look good...

 There are so much gap between the sides. Failure...

 Alright, I'll go for option 2...

 This time, I make some marking and use a scissor instead.


 Dipping the decal into water and counting to 10.
 Applying the very delicate decal to the bonnet of the car.

 Better than my first try...

 Same goes to the side. The side is more complicated. There should be an extension all the way to the back of the wheel but I cut it off. This is fine for me as I'm not a perfectionist.

 Culture Japan decal for the windscreen.

 You can see the acrylic stand that Good Smile had provided. The quality of the stand is exceptional.

 The completed car with Mirai holding a small moekana card.


So that's it. Unboxing is completed and Mirai is happily cruising in her mini-car. It's a joy working online and look at her once in a while.

Afternote ~ Mirai accompanied me on a holiday in Phuket. This heavenly place is called the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort.

Written by Makunouchi

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