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Loots of anime badges from Cosfest Comics Black Market 2014

I didn’t attend any anime/manga/cosplay conventions since last year. Thus, it was a good 9 months since I had attended any conventions in Singapore (I blame it on my new student's life). When I came to know that there is a Cosfest Comics Black Market on 15 June, I was excited to attend this event. It was to be the day after my exam. I was so looking forward...

What attracted me to this event was the mention of the word “Black Market”. I want to witness what the fuss was about. Secondly, the banner for this Cosfest event resemble a game that I knew of ~ Final Fantasy XII. Doesn’t it look like an Archades City in the game?

                A buzzling market with aircon and floating ships. Black Market excites me...

After ceremoniously paying for the entrance fee of $10, I strolled into the convention hall for an afternoon of fun and gathering. I saw a female cosplayer with outlandish costume and over-sized wings. She looked like a character out of Gundam. I have to admit my knowledge of Japanese Anime is limited. But hovering above 1.8m, she did cut a commanding figure. When she walked with that gear on, the earth trembled. I thought with my height of 1.74m, no way am I going to stand beside I might get poked by her metal wings.

  I found out she was a special guest Fei Fei. At 1.8m tall, she cuts an impressive figure! Credits to all the Cosplayers
The event hall was small, just about the size of the ICDS event last year held in Scape. To say I was disappointed wasn’t an understatement. If not for the fact that I was itching to attend a convention after a hiatus of 9 months, I will leave the place with much regret. A regret that I paid $10 and travelled overseas for this event. (Yes, I consider Sentosa to be overseas..) And the opportunity cost lost for not choosing Anime Matsuri in Funan (Yes both events overlapped each other). I like to rattle a bit of Economics since I love the subject so much ><

I remembered what I came for ~ that is to make myself happy by spending money! I intended to get some badges to kickstart my collection. Fortunately, Cosfest Comics Black Market seemed to do just that. Rows and rows of booths were selling fan-made badges and art drawings. It’s funny how I used to just glance at badges and move on. This time, I was holding them and trying to pick some kawaii ones. At the end of the 2 hours, I had bagged a handsome loot of about 30 badges, 2 keychains, 1 Art Drawing and a Kuji-Lucky Draw. Didn’t feel a pinch, just a wide grin across my face.

Alright, here’s the loots I got.

     My favourite! Cute chibi drawing. I like the matt fabric-like material on these badges.

 The Diabolik Lovers badge in the centre was from Rolling Bunnies. As for the rest, I really cannot remember where I've bought from. I'm such an impulsive buyer...

                    This one is from Baahk. Slightly bigger than the rest.

                Above badges by Twin Rabbit Design are so adorable and affordable!

                          These trio are also from Twin Rabbit Design. Cute Chibi

                I also bought a Miku trinklet and a fanart card. Trying to be artistic...

I tried my luck on the $15 Kuji game and got a Natsume Yuujinchou letter prize. I could use better luck -_-

                                       Okay, at least I got a decent poster for the $10 entrance fee
 Alright, that's it for me. Sorry there are not many Cosplay photos here as most flocked to Anime Matsuri Funan. But I looted what I want. Now where shall I hang these badges...?

I look forward to seeing you for the next Cosfest event :

Cosfest Asia: The Final Fantasy
July 5, 11am - July 6, 7pm @ Downtown East


Written by Max

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