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March: Midtown Mart, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and Blossom Beats

Hello readers, the first quarter of the year will come to an end (not that anybody else is actually tracking this, right?). I couldn't quite keep up with the pressing demands of what is known very simply as my life's newest nightmare. Except that it really isn't so much of a threat but mostly the intimidation which pops by on a daily basis. In any case, I should be thankful that none of those would send me to a shrink anytime soon, though the idea of talking to somebody from a different world (?) sounds incredibly tempting. Hopefully, the days have been well for you. The heat isn't helping, and the nearest store where I can get some ice-cream is pretty much a sports event. Anyway, do take extra care wherever you are, whatever you do.

Has anybody heard of or visited Midtown Mart? This new addition in Marina Square Shopping Mall is a much appreciated presence for people who love their Japanese fix. Naturally, I was one of the first customers to take in the freshness, pun absolutely intended. Midtown Mart had its opening sale during the last couple of months, just before the Lunar New Year festivities. It attracted a healthy flow of consumers, locals and foreigners alike. I was very drawn to the wide assortment of stuff, namely the confectionery, drinks, noodles, soup...the list goes on and on. But I have been getting mostly tidbits and drinks since my first visit. Those go really well with some quiet reading at my favourite spot. For starters, there is the yummy Calpis Strawberry.

Recently, I had finally put an end to a considerable part of my indecisiveness by checking out the Anime Official Guidebook of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, regardless of whether I would be able to digest every bit of its awesome essence. Yeah, it sure isn't very easy to understand something which is the core of traditional Japanese performing arts. Nonetheless, having the book around definitely beats regretting. I mean, I have been following the anime adaptation, but something is still lacking somewhat. The guidebook is indeed filled with a lot of useful information to get a complete greenhorn like me started, and the artwork is really a treat. The interviews with the cast members are a little challenging to read through for me. But I suppose that it is okay to skip around.

Speaking of which, the anime is in its eleventh episode with the appearance of a very young Konatsu, the only child of Sukeroku and Miyokichi. I have no idea just how accelerated this series is getting, but I think that there might be little or zero chance of returning to Yotarou's arc. Oh, the ending instrumental song is really nice. I didn't mention it before, but the song delivers a lot of sentiments which are reminiscent of the good old days. Even if you aren't able to fully grasp the intention, there is still something that is lingering of bittersweet vibes. Something which is surprisingly rather relatable. Then, there comes the silent wish for the anime to be longer, even for just a little while. 

Anybody heading to Gardens by the Bay for the Blossom Beats Floral Display? I suppose that the event would make an ideal alternative if flying to Japan is out of the question for some of us. Well, cherry blossoms are no doubt a therapeutic sight, though many people would probably kill just to catch a glimpse. I remain indifferent with regards to flora. Besides, I can't really stand the crowd. The last thing that I want is for a herd of elephants (metaphorically speaking) to trample on me while I struggle to look at some flowers. But for those who are intending to visit, please have fun on my behalf. Apparently, there is taiko music or something.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. Read more manga. Watch more anime. Eat more Japanese confectionery. Drink more Calpis.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪   

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