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!!! Hitorijime My Hero

Hello my nuggets!

Welcome to another post where I rant and rave about cute hot guys having the hots for each other kekekeh. Again, if you're uncomfortable, do just exit out of this post~

To the rest of you, welcome to my heaven!!~

I was super down in the dumps recently, so I was extremely happy to chance upon this one anime that sounded really promising: Hitorijime My Hero!! The art's not too bad, and it seems to be right up my alley to boot!

"High schooler Masahiro Setagawa is a fairly helpless delinquent, so much so that the neighborhood bullies use him to run their errands. His life changes when he meets high school teacher Kousuke Oshiba, a man whose fighting abilities have earned him a powerful reputation on the streets. Oshiba finds himself with a desire to protect Setagawa, and despite swearing that he’s not interested in men, Setagawa finds himself getting more involved in Oshiba’s affairs…"

Look at the summary of the anime! I specially went to bold the parts that are super interesting to me hehehee. I love the teacher-student trope. The best part of the summary is the fact that the uke is A HELPLESS DELINQUENT oh no my instinct to protect is getting activated. The other best part is the fact that the seme is A TEACHER WITH A REPUTATION ON THE STREETS. 

And not only do we get the teacher-student trope, we also get another pairing!! The other pairing is.. DINGDING the childhood friends trope!! And while it's cute that the other pairing features the younger brother of the teacher, the childhood friend is a super ikemen who is also the seme of that pairing!! Which is quite appropriate, because the younger Oshiba brother does look super shota. 

My fav thing about the whole anime is the fact that the delinquent looks pretty delinquent-ish in appearance BUT his personality is so motherly I can't even deal with it. He cooks!! And cleans!! 

i agree!!
Currently the anime is at episode four, but if you cannot wait (like me), you can go ahead and read the manga! I think they have a side manga for the childhood pairing separately too! The anime seems to combine both, so you don't mind having something to look forward to every week, then keep to the anime!

I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that this is super worth to watch/read, whichever suits you better, and while the get-together phase is pretty short and pretty cliche, I found myself not minding too much about it, surprisingly.

GO WATCH NOW hurry!! Nerd out for now~~

Written by: ninetylives

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