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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Hanekawa Tsubasa (Good Smile Company)

To All,
This is a figure which I have been waiting to get my hands on for a long time, and sadly, I missed out when she was going for an offer for 2,500 yen on Amiami, and got her at list price for 3,900 yen. As bad as the deal was, a waifu is a waifu and figures of my waifu must be acquired at any cost.

Packaging 5/10
If you are wondering why I'm giving her such a low score, I'll say that it doesn't really have anything to do with how securely packed she was (though I did have slight issues with it that I would cover later), but more of the appearance of her box itself.

Honestly, I get that purple and green are the top two color choices for Hanekawa and I do support those colors if they are used for her individually, however I just can't fathom why Good Smile Company would think that it was a good idea to combine both of them and just slap them onto her box. But I'm pass that three minutes after opening the box. Really.
Here's a brief overview of what she came with, I wouldn't call it a lot of accessories but it is enough to keep me happy with my purchase. It would have been a really good deal if I managed to get a copy of her at 2,500 yen instead.
The other issue I had with her box was actually her blister packaging. It couldn't shut properly no matter how hard I tried and what scared me was how much her parts were jiggling while she was still in her box. Thankfully there was nothing that went missing!

Base 7/10
There's nothing special or troublesome about her base. It fitted her snugly, albeit a bit on the tight side, but that is good for a change from all the loose Nendoroid bases I've been getting recently so it made me really pleased!

Also, if you were to use the sitting parts she came with, there's no need for a base at all!

Sculpting and Painting 8/10

Her sculpting was superb. I like how the poofy parts of her sleeves turned out. In fact, I'm really particular about those sleeves because I've witnessed too many prize figure companies failing to get those sleeves done nicely.

Needless to say, her accessories (book and flip phone) also had fine detailing and complement her poses well! Although the accessories cannot be removed from her hand, they can be transferred (hand and all) to other Nendoroids, so feel free to change them up and enjoy the brand new combinations!
Another aspect which I like about Hanekawa's Nendoroid would be her glasses. The sculpting of her glasses is fantastic (sorry, an incoming megane-fetish adult here). There are actually two specific things I like about them: The quality and the choices. What I mean by shape is that the plastic material chosen, together with the shape of the lenses and the details. Even the silicon pads (those that rest on the bridge of the nose) refined, shrunk down to Nendoroid size, and added in! And by choices, I mean the choice of displaying her with or without glasses! Her glasses are actually 'hooked' in the gaps on her bangs that are not visible from the exterior of her hair parts.

Some other weird aspects of her sculpting would be her sitting parts as the part of her thighs which connects to the ground has been awkwardly sculpted flat. It doesn't matter much unless you attempt to display her on the top shelf of your detolf without a base like me. And this is how it look like

Censored to protect Hanekawa's modesty

And last but not the least, her Nekomimi. I'm actually quite impressed with this part, especially how they sculpted and painted the fur (is that what you call it?) in her ears. I'm surprised there was no paint spillage or paint transfer at all. Quite frankly, I don't think I spotted any paint transfer anywhere on her at all. That's another plus to this Nendoroid!
Posing and Assembly 8/10
Truthfully, she doesn't come with a lot of variation, though some of her accessories make up immensely for that. She comes with sitting parts that are still considered quite rare among Nendoroids. Her nekomimi and glasses also contribute to the increase in variation as you have the decision on whether you'll like to pose her with or without them.
"If you come any closer I'll call the cops!"

No, that's not a line Hanekawa would say. I'm just having fun here.
The only difficult part to assemble was getting the white cat onto her shoulder. Her braids were getting in the way and the cat kept falling off. In the end, I gave up and opted to put it at her arm instead. Oh well, it still looks amazing enough to me!

Enjoyment 9/10

In the end, I decided upon this pose and she's now happily on display beside my Araragi Nendoroid. Maybe someday, I'll manage to get the rest of the Monogatari Nendoroids I've missed out on.


From Your Fellow Collector,

Written by Reina-rin

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