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Eir Aoi - Rock the World!!

Activity Log - 091016
Event: Eir Aoi - Rock the World Concert
Participants: Neko, Zwei
Status: Pending Review

/Neko has signed in
Neko: *chases tail*

/Zwei has signed in
Zwei: *strolls in*
Zwei: Konnichinyan…

Neko: *pounce* Zwei!! Did you bring the fis- I mean light sabers!! Super excited! Cause whose concert is it tonight?!

Zwei: *fishes out* (pun intended) Well, I brought one with glitter and the other with a tinted cylinder…

Neko: *swipes one light saber* ooo….16 colours *clicks switches*...but really remind me what we’re here for again nyanz!

Zwei: Well… *distracted by the lights* We’re here for Eir Aoi’s Rock the World concert of course.. *mesmerized by the lights*

Neko: Yay! *climbs up Zwei’s leg, sits on Zwei head* hehe, I’m going to get a perfect view from up here! Now, onward to the concert venue human! *sticks paws out, almost falls over* I wonder what she’s going to sing first?

Zwei: *tries to balance head* Hmm… I’m guessing something popular first to get the crowd pumping. *turns to security* Hi, I’m here for the concert… Yes… The cat’s with me… Okay, thanks! *Walks up stairs* The venue seems to be different than to concerts I’ve attended before. So, it’s an outdoor concert?

Neko: *paws fiddling with switches* Hmph, that security was totally judging me… And I’m of such fine feline specie...tsk...anyway, yes, outdoors is best! We’re talking a place where we are one with nature! Not those air-conditioned places, making me freeze my paws off… AH-HA! It’s finally blue! *dangles the light saber in front of Zwei’s eyes* Has to be blue for Eir Aoi of course!

Zwei: Hey! Stop that! I can’t see the steps… Oh, there’s a security check up ahead. * queues behind* *turns to sign* Let’s see.. No food and drinks allowed.. Okay, nothing about no animals allowed so you’re through… Hmm… No cameras allowed.. Well… *walks forward* Hi sir.. yeah, I didn’t know I was not supposed to bring my camera along… yeah… a locker… Toast Box.. Okay, got it. *lifts up Neko and places her on the desk* Sorry, I have to run to the lockers. Catch you in a bit! *races back down the stairs*

Neko: Sighz, humans… *turns tail toward the centre of the audience area, squeezes past people to the front of the general admissions area* huff… there’s so many people… so packed in the front like the sardines I like to eat… *hops off toward the back* I hope Zwei comes back soon… I’m missing just chilling out in his hair…

Zwei: Sorry.. Excuse me.. Sorry… Um, have you seen a cat with a light saber? She’s wee tall and… I really hope nobody steps on her tail… Neko! Where are you? *searches for a blue coloured light against a crowd of blue light* Neko!

Neko: *sees a shadow looming from behind, turns around quickly* Zwei! Geez, you really scared me… Don’t creep up on cats again! *climbs up and sits on Zwei’s shoulder* They announced that the concert is going to start soon! Excitement! *licks paws*

Zwei: Oh, great. I thought it started already with the crowd already wielding their light sabers at this point. *Scrolls through the variety of colours* Okay, blue is set. Considering it being postponed, the turnout is more than expected.

Neko: Yep, it’s a good crowd. *sees the stage lights turn on* Ooo… it’s starting! *sinks claws into Zwei’s jacket in excitement* Oops… Sorry!

Zwei: *cringes* Let’s see, bitten by a cat.. Off the list, now I just need to be chased by a dog to complete the domestic animal list… *waits in anticipation* What will the first song be?

Eir Aoi Singapore 001.jpg

Neko: *purrs* It’s Innocence! *grabs light saber in paws and waves it to the rhythm* She’s so good live! Come on Zwei, dance!

Zwei: Dancing… right.... I’ll just keep with the light saber. I’m more accustomed to it. It requires minimal effort but it shows support and enjoyment. Dancing ain’t my forte… Singing along though, is something I can get behind.

Eir Aoi Singapore 002.jpg

Neko: Meh… suit yourself~ *sings along to the song~* what do you think she’s gonna sing next? *shouts in Zwei’s ear*

Zwei: Hmm… Probably something along the lines of the SAO series. Probably the second season’s opening.. *stage lights dim, music plays* and I was wrong… I didn’t expect her to sing the opening theme for Lost Song. I’m lucky I played the game.

Neko: Lucky… Paws and PS Vita buttons don’t go well together unfortunately… But! Cynthia no Hikari, is the best! I mean, those high notes and pumping beats, it’s definitely a way to rock and crowd! *tail curling in satisfaction*

Zwei: Yes! The song is really enjoyable. Ah… I remember when I defeated the final boss and the song came on… Truly a good ending to the climax… Let's see.. Will the next song be the opening for *music plays* and I’m wrong again…

Eir Aoi Singapore 003.jpg

Neko: *pats paws on Zwei’s shoulder* oh well… you can’t always be right, besides surprises are nice nyan! *starry-eyed as Hanazakari, Aurora and Kasumi is sung by a living perfection, pokes Zwei* I think I’m star-struck… She’s singing my favourite song… *taps paws urgently on Zwei’s shoulder*

A blur of a moment later… (To be read in the voice of Spongebob’s Squarepants narrator)

Zwei: Um… Neko… *waves light saber with crowd* Do you remember what was the order again? I was too in the moment so I can’t remember the what came first… Um, Neko…? *turns to Neko*

Neko: Hai? Nyanz? Nopes...I don’t remember… *dreamy thoughts running around* Will you just listen to the ballad now… *clicks the light saber to a red colour* … nya… I’m not one for slow songs, but Kuroiuta is really quite nice. What do you think Zwei?

Zwei: *changes to red* I really like this song with the sinister feel it gives off. I really like swaying my body to it. Hmm… *reminded of the MV* though I was slightly weirded out by the ending of the music video… Nevertheless, the song is wonderful in its own way.

Neko: Mhm...nya… *waves paws slowly* She’s going to pick up the beat after this for sure...What song will it be nyaa…?

Eir Aoi Singapore 004.jpg

Zwei: I’ll stop guessing since the chances of me getting it wrong is quite high. the right and wrong ratio is off balance. *stage lights increases in intensity* Looks like it’s Sirius. I really wonder where she got the inspiration for the name from…

Neko: If my neko memory is right, then it’s the opening song for Kill la kill right?...hmm… Maybe it’s named after a constellation? *looks up at the sky* You wanna take a guess?

Zwei: Oh, yeah… Sirius is a constellation. I don’t know why I thought of Harry Potter as my first guess. I should really stop guessing… Okay, so first opening of Kill la Kill plus last year’s AFA with the second opening, ambiguous, by GARNiDELiA. To experience them both, that’s an accomplishment.

Neko: Yupz, sighz, Sanbika that she’s singing now is such music to my ears. *swats your back with a paw* Anyway...don’t give up on the guessing… Come on! Guess what’s the next song! Quickly before it starts!

Eir Aoi Singapore 005.jpg

Zwei: Okay… The way she’s building up the anticipation probably makes it a very anticipated song. Hmm… Her new album… Is it really?! Yes! It’s Shoegazer! This song is so amazing! I really love it when I first laid my ears on it.

Neko: *Hums the song* I need to brush up on the lyrics for this song, seeing it’s one of the songs from her latest album, D’AZUR. It’s great that she sang Lapis Lazuri too right!? You think she’s going to sing anymore songs from D’AZUR? *ear twitches expectantly*

Zwei: The ending theme from Arslan Senki was also great. It reminds me of how I would let the song play after watching an episode. Oh… it’s the last song… So she begins with SAO and ends with SAO…

Neko: *swings the light saber like a sword* I’m gonna be the next Asuna. Ha! But really, Ignite is really the winner of the night! The concert is ending too soon Zwei! Oh, noes! *thumps tail on Zwei’s back* *stage lights turn off* It’s the end? The end!... Quick call an encore! Raise your voice humans! *swishes tail impatiently*

Zwei: EN-CO-RE! EN-CO-RE! EN-CO-RE! EN-CO-RE! EN-CO-RE! EN-*cough* A bit of fur went in…

Several minutes later… (Again to be read in Spongebob Squarepants’s narrator’s voice)

Zwei: Encore! Encore! My throat’s starting to get a little dry…

Neko: Aww...come on Zwei. I’m trying my best nyan-ing here! *stage lights come on again* Oh! Oh! She’s coming back!! And! And! It’s Cobalt Sky! I love this song! I hope she sings another song after this one! Right! *accidentally sinks claws into Zwei’s jacket again*... ah haha…

Zwei: Remind me to have a look at it later… *continues to chant with the crowd* *Song ends* It’s fun to see her try her best to speak english with the crowd.

Neko: Yeah! I mean, we learned that she likes chicken rice, and has been to the Merlions around Singapore, and that she wanted to swim but forgot her swim wear! Me as a cat, would never want to touch a pool though *shudders* Oh… it’s her last song…

Zwei: It’s her debut song and the crowd’s favourite, Memoria. It’s hard to beat an ending for a concert like that. Coming from a widely popular series and probably one of the reasons it’s popular, I think Memoria really takes the cake.

Neko: *purrs* oh yeah, Fate/Zero ending song. Who can forget that! And after that, she’s been doing so well producing various anisongs! Ah, it’s kinda sad that it’s over isn’t it… *hops down from Zwei’s shoulder, stretches out* You’ve been a great friend, the shoulder was really comfortable nyanz.

Zwei: No problem! I’m tall anyways so I can see over the crowd. If you need a shoulder to sit on, I’ll be happy to help. Now, is it possible if you could give me back the light saber before you leave with it… Um, Neko?

Neko: *rolls the light saber about* Aww...okay… It’s such a pretty light saber too… *gives it back to Zwei* Gonna go home now?

Zwei: Yup, I have classes early tomorrow. Tonight was an enjoyable break from school, but school work will continue to pile. Heading to the MRT?

Neko: Yep, MRT! To bed! To sleep! Gotta have those eight hours! Goodnight Zwei! *stalks off*

/Neko signs out

Zwei: Wait… Is she even allowed on the MRT?

/Zwei signs out

Eir Aoi Singapore 006.jpg

Status: Review Complete

Written by Zwei and Neko 

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