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Godzilla Invades Tokyo!

Supposedly a secret fantasy of yours would come true, and in just a blink of the eye a magnificent sight sets in, granting you every inch of possibility that comes with your wildest dream, I reckon that it would be helpful to have an ambulance on standby just in case you pass out from too much excitement, or attempt to blend in with the sidewalk. The latter sounds over the top, but I heard a story about how an enthusiastic fan had been so looking forward to get an autograph from his idol, yet the anticipation became a little too scorching for the brains that he sought solace behind a tall potted cactus. The pricks were obviously not a great substitute for acupuncture, but he turned out okay. Anyway, I would like to think that reality promises a vast space somewhere in favour of innovation. In fact, there is something which has been on my mind ever since this image attempted to burn a hole through my head.

Yeah, apparently Godzilla is for real this time though not stomping its way through Tokyo or battling against Mothra (for those who aren't aware, Mothra is my all-time favourite monster and possibly the only monster that looked way too gentle to be fighting anything until a three-way with Battra and Godzilla proved otherwise). I have to thank our founder Max for sharing this brilliant innovation - Godzilla invading Tokyo just like the old times except that this one is really happening in and out! Well, I suppose that striking the lottery is essential though not quite the most practical of the lot. If anybody has the chance to go there (and stay there), please take a great bunch of photos and share those memories with us. I'm talking about Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku, where Godzilla refuses to let anybody have some peace and quiet.

Isn't it sweet, convenient (?) and probably intentional that Godzilla is glaring at Toho Cinemas? Toho is the movie studio behind the awesome Godzilla franchise. Look at how beautiful the sight is! The presence is simply avoidable even from afar. Gosh, I could just melt on the street like that. If Godzilla ever feels like sipping some sake or having yakitori, those shops are just a skip away. Oh wait, Godzilla eats humans (in 1954 it devoured an entire train). Maybe it would fancy singing karaoke, except that his mighty, deafening roar would probably bring the house down (literally). Anyway, Hotel Gracery has gone all out to keep Godzilla well-behaved in its place.  

It would be wickedly fun to have Godzilla scaring the bowels out of anybody with a view like this. I mean, imagine that you have been just awake early in the morning, and the very first thing that greets you is Godzilla's left eyeball! Honestly, I wouldn't mind that happening to me. If needed, there is always the bathroom around the corner. Then again, you might have to deal with Godzilla sharing the room with you. Yeah, it doubles as a permanent resident in one of the rooms which means double the awesomeness. One of the twin rooms comes with a gigantic Godzilla's claw that promises quite a challenging sleep. The room probably suits heavy sleepers best!

Apparently, Godzilla's head sticks out from the balcony of the eighth floor, providing guests with an opportunity to provoke it (?) somehow. Its eyeballs would also glow a menacing red as night settles in. Now, that is something which we don't see in the movies! You know what would be even more wicked? Having a rival monster stare back at Godzilla from an opposite building! No prizes for guessing which monster I have in mind. I wish I could see Godzilla in Tokyo for myself someday.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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