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Confusion cleared: Who's who in PSO2 The Animation, Orgacats and Master Nezumi

A common complaint by people who watched PSO2 The Animation is that while they liked it, they could not keep track of who is who, and what their alter ego is in the game. Looking at this alone is confusing enough, but there are actually 17 characters(!) in the series. Add the real life version in, and your eyes glaze over. So, I will put them in perspective here. Come back and read this again if you confused. 

Ogracats is one of the Moe in-game characters, or so one of the players thought. One funny episode was when the players meet in real life and realise that none of them resemble any of their alter egos!

It is widely known that most people usually choose the opposite sex when online, so the ikemen you see walking by in PSO2? That is not a guy. This young man is the real Orgacats. Shocking.

Of course you cannot mention Orgacats and forget Master Nezumi. There are many duos in PSO2 and both of them are construction workers in real life. 

No, he looks nothing like his female petite avatar! This barrel chested middle aged man is perhaps the last person you'd expect to be Master Nezumi.

The ID Orgacats was chosen because of his love for organic food. And Master Nezumi is essentially a Mickey Mouse reference. Disney is huge in Japan. It is nice of them to take some effort into discussing how players find their IDs. And every PSO2 anime dvd comes with a code for character skins! Just take my money already! 

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Written by Don

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