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Loot Post: April 2016

To All,

As usual, along with the anticipation of finishing my exams of another semester, comes another one of my crazily huge loots, though this year's has seemed pretty much subdued in comparison to past semesters.

With this semester, I supposed that I should catch up with all the Love Live! goods that I have had my eye on for quite a while now, for several reasons -- for instance, how I wish to put down u's so I can welcome Aqours with open arms, and how I think that now is a good time to gather Love Live goods as the price of their merchandise is steadily dropping after the disbandment.

Apart from Love Live, I got myself random things from other series such as Clock Zero (an amazing Otome Game), Monogatari Series, ets, and snacks (which I would showcase in a separate picture later in this post).

This month, I ordered from Amiami and Suruga-ya as well as tried my hand at the latest Monogatari Kuji, which I'm quite pleased with my results! 

Love Live
Allow me to start with Love Live! as it is my largest series loot of this month. From Amiami and Carousell, I've obtained the Love Live Anniversary files which I was longing to gather all these while. Unfortunately, I'm still lacking File 7 to complete the series of files so far, but I have it on back-order on Amiami and I'm praying that the suppliers still have it in stock and I can get a copy of it. Really, mistakes were made when I didn't pre-order them.

I have also gotten Tatepos (long poster) from Suruga-ya. Although they were labelled as used, they were clearly new and unopened and there were absolutely no sign of any damages on the Tatepos themselves. Overall, I'm quite happy with my tatepos purchase although I can't say that I got them at the cheapest price possible...
Tatepos are translucent colored posters and I'm glad to own Honoka and Kotori versions of the Yukata and Qipao set. I'm actually looking forward to getting more versions of them, as well as some for the other girls, but I have to spend some time sourcing for deals. Though these posters aren't expensive, they certainly don't come by cheap, and I'm already running out of space on my walls.

Last but not the least, I have also gotten a Love Live! illustration book on pre-order from Amiami. That was a bad decision because after the adrenaline rush from spotting the third book on pre-order and pre-ordering it, I remembered that Amazon existed and it would be much cheaper to get it from there, both in terms of price and shipping.

Monogatari Series

Let's begin with the pre-order. I got the rubber mat of Hanekawa Tsubasa and Senjougahara Hitagi from a pre-order on Amiami and it was shipping together with the Love Live! third illustration book. I still have no idea why I bought the rubber mat (on impulse) and what I plan on doing with it, but it's going to remain in it's plastic wrapper for quite some time for now at least. Though, the quality of the mat left me pleased enough to consider ordering the Love Live! one as well!

The files and figure of Karen are from a Kuji. I played the latest Monogatari Kuji twice, first at Anination at Funan Digital Mall and the second at a store in Plaza Singapura. Each try uses $12.00 and I got an A prize for my draw at Anination, giving me an Araragi Karen figure, which I would be giving to my friend as his best girl in the series is Karen~

I would be posting a figure review of Karen soon, and for now I'll like to highlight how amazed I was at how detailed her sculpt is. Really, prize figures seem to be improving my leaps and bounds lately!

The files were from Plaza Singapura and hesitation set in when it was time to contemplate whether to take the Hanekawa/Senjougahara files or the Karen/Tsukihi files. I was sold when I saw the third file in the set (to the left of Nadeko) and I took the files of the fire sisters instead.

Clock Zero
I also ordered Clock Zero figures along with my Suruga-ya order for my friend. Unfortunately, as these are for my friend, I would not be opening them up for any photographs. Though, I'll mentuon that these feature the main casts from the series and I would really wish to get a whole set for myself the next time I see them up on order again!

Also, I highly recommend anyone and everyone to try out this game if they have the chance to!


With my Suruga-ya order, I have also gotten some doujinshi from my favorite doujin artist, Sashikizu. There are also a few other books which I'e grabbed along with them but I haven't had the time to open them up so I wouldn't be commenting on their actual contents yet.

This is my loot from Orchard's The Akiba Shop, which I went yesterday. I have tried each of them immediately upon reaching home and while all of them don't disappoint, some of the flavors were too strong for me.

The light pink box at the top left is Sakura flavored langue de chat. Perhaps more of you might recognize the name "Shiroi Koibito". The flavor of this is quite thin and has a brief fragrance when you bite into it. The taste of the Sakura is not over-powering enough to make me gag but at the same time, it's too faint to be memorable. It's good enough but I definitely prefer the Vanilla ones the most!

Under it is Hatsune Miku's melon-flavored Angel pie. The pie itself is crumbly and coated with thick chocolate, and wouldn't be a bad snack at all if it didn't have such an overpowering melon taste. This cost $4, which isn't that much more expensive than the pre-order price of 380 yen on Amiami, especially as it comes in 4 different designs and you actually get to choose which design you want instead of simply getting a random box from pre-orders.

The Harajuku mochi in the boxes in the middle column are tasty and I love them! They are coated in chocolate, which made me regret getting the chocolate one as it's basically chocolate in chocolate mochi. Though the strawberry one has a nice contrast and I just can't stop eating it! There was also a Sakura-flavored mochi from Akiba and that was actually quite tasty as well~ Sadly I didn't get that as I already had the Sakura Langue de Chat cookies.

On the right are the Kabedon tarts. The blue box consists of white-chocolate tarts and the pink box has strawberry flavored tarts. The white-chocolate one wins hands-down, and if you'll like to get them, I'll suggest getting them soon as they are expiring in about a month and so the store is having a 1-for-1 offer for these now!

This is a postcard from Amiami. They are usually included with every purchase and I'm glad that I got one with the new illustration! I actually do blu-tack these onto my wall so I'm elated that Amiami recently enlarged the size of their postcards by nearly twice, and the illustrations started having more depth and colors to them! They are so pretty~

It makes me wonder what the illustration for next month's postcard would be!

From Your Fellow Collector,

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