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Let's Play: Mushroom Garden!

Hola readers, I’m back with another edition of ‘Let’s Play’! If you can’t already tell, I’m kinda obsessed with anything anthropomorphic. Egg yolks with bubble butts, nii-chan faced alpacas… So how could I possibly pass up playing Mushroom Garden?

Created by Beeworks Games and also otherwise known as Funghi Gardening Kit, you literally play harvester to your very own mushroom garden. (Don’t expect too much though)

Try cultivating a super cute "Funghi"
Our hero "Funghi" had a dream...
That dream was "propagation" - growing a bunch of friends!
It's the birth of the world's first "Harvest Sim-style Funghi Cultivation Game"!!

Challenge accepted.

My one and only mushroom garden…

A few of my favourite mushrooms!
(My sister: "Are you sure that one is a mushroom..? *points to Veggie*)

In case you’re wondering, Funghi communicates through “nnf… nnf…” noises. 

Plus, did you know that Funghi has his own range of Line stickers?!

Anyway, the gameplay’s nothing fantastic. It’s just the characters that are cute. Once again, I find myself lusting after useless game merchandise.

A real nameko mushroom looks like this:

Kawaii level: 0    Yum factor: 100000

Will I download the other Funghi related games? Probably not. Because honestly speaking, it’s quite a boring game. I find it much more fun to squee over the various wallpapers and pictures:

 Ahahahaha... Hahahhaha..

 Hahaha. Why am I laughing?

 Look at him and his little leaf umbrella!!!

 Omg... Look. At. His. Mustache.

Look at this picture. Look at the guy cleaning his little heart at the back. Look at them all. 

My verdict: download it if you're bored and have nothing to do / love funghi / love cute things / all of the above. (Seriously though those pictures are killing me)

Written by Faelan

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