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Coming Soon: Sadako vs. Kayako

The recent episode at Six Exits has sort of inspired me to dig a few trenches for any remotely horror stuff which might pique anybody's interest. Even if horror tends to get a rather lukewarm reception, I would still love to think that there is some potential lurking around. I mean, for starters I shall talk a little about the upcoming horror movie - Sadako vs. Kayako. Yeah, the official release date has been confirmed; the movie opens on June 23rd, which is just less than two weeks away. Quite unfortunately, the people around me aren't too fond of horror movies. Oh well, I have no problem watching this on my own anyway.

Doesn't the poster look awesome? Okay, I'm sure that many of us have long been accustomed to Sadako's one and only method of getting around. Personally, I haven't witnessed any of Kayako's antics. It is odd, I know. As a horror enthusiast, I'm taken aback myself for not having watched the Ju-On franchise at all. I can't even provide a coherent explanation. It has never crossed my mind to get acquainted with Kayako and the little boy. There is already talk of both Team Sadako and Team Kayako. Considering that Sadako is the only ghost that I'm more familiar with, I don't have a second option.

These days, raging war against somebody else feels awfully convenient. American movies have that, and now two iconic Japanese ghosts are going to give each other a hard time. I suppose that the horror elements are largely atmospheric. In the case of Sadako, there is the notorious well, the television and of course, the cursed videotape which remains dreaded for years. I have to say that such a simple set-up wields a lot of impact for a horror movie setting. As for Kayako, there really isn't a hurry to feed on her prowess. After all, the movie hasn't opened yet.

A quick google has led hilarious discoveries on the Japanese side, with a string of innovative promotions and such. By the way, Japan will premiere the movie a week earlier than Singapore, which isn't so bad! I mean, nobody has to stretch their necks until they contort into anything like the ghosts. Anyway, the promotional materials are just too ticklish. Sadako and Kayako are desperately pulling votes to win the game. I have managed to find three teasers. Well, I'm not sure if it is a good idea to be implicated in their mess though. The first one demands your pick between two new flavours of popcorn. They look rather safe to eat, I think.

The second one is a contest to determine which ghost can gather the most number of friends through social media. Sadako is Twitter, and Kayako is Instagram. This looks a little more interesting, but if weird posts start appearing on your news feed, you may wish to pray for your dear life or something. The third one simply sees which ghost is the scariest, which I feel is somewhat pointless since each has her own unique set of skills (?) and scare points.  

Recently, there was another gimmick for the movie, done in the style of baseball! Yeah, two ghosts had decided to compete in the national sport in broad daylight. I'm not sure about Sadako's chances though, with her entire hair obstructing just about everything. But Kayako definitely looked cool and ready in that batter position! Okay, I don't care if I have to watch the movie by myself. I'm so looking forward to this! Anybody else going for it as well?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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