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Idealistic Realism Omake: Bukatsu

Bukatsu, or club activities, represent the essence of the typical high schooler's life (except in the case of those in the kitakubu or go-home club which for some funky reason unknown to me has evolved into an official label fashionable and apparent in Japanese culture that seems like an extremely convenient excuse to lay one's hands and feet off subjectively troublesome and mundane stuff).

I wasn't active in bukatsu while schooling, not because I had preferred more time to myself. Ironically, time was always running out due to shameless overloading of academic commitments and those that weren't. My perception of bukatsu hadn't been anything stimulating. My school didn't have the most enticing line-up but it would make us think otherwise through pathetic beautification. I became a student librarian without the slightest hint of enthusiasm, and I stuck to it for the longest time. I was also part of the Red Cross for a while even though the training had driven me to several unsuccessful attempts at quitting. Well, I finally did escape after a peaceful (?) falling out with the in-charge. Anyway, let's immerse in the temporary delusions (?) that take form of bukatsu in the typical high schooler's life...anime-style, of course.

Drama Club (Roman School)
Roman School is one of the primary backdrops for many events that unfold in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. The other is Nozaki-kun's apartment. The school's Drama Club is led by Hori Masayuki, and its members include Kashima Yuu otherwise known as the Prince despite being a girl. Kashima is extremely tall in Japanese standards, but that doesn't quite attribute to why she became the Prince. Hori-senpai had conveniently mistaken her for a boy due to her cropped hairstyle, height and most importantly looks during their first encounter. Ikemen, or handsome is what Hori-senpai will describe Kashima. Naturally, that catapulted Kashima to the leading man status in the Drama Club. A constant gag in the Drama Club is the comic violence that Kashima suffers from Hori-senpai as a result of her stupidity. That is more than enough to be a valid reason to join the Drama Club!

Glee Club (Roman School)
Okay, I've got nothing against the English translation, although I would very much prefer it to be called the Choral Club instead. This is where Seo Yuzuki takes on her (not so) secret identity as Lorelei, whose angelic voice is the object of Wakamatsu Hirotaka's affection despite being completely clueless about the glaring fact that she is the very same girl who regularly tortures him at basketball. Unlike Wakamatsu who will fall asleep without fail while listening to Lorelei's voice, I will simply sit at a corner of the club and appreciate her 'live performance'. Seriously, somebody should offer Seo a recording contract already!

Art Club (Roman School)
Sakura Chiyo's artistic trait shines generously with learning opportunities for various styles of art which serve as important catalysts for several events implicating Nozaki-kun and Mikorin. A classic example is how impressed Nozaki-kun is with Sakura's talent at the beginning of the series. He had actually noticed the hand-washing poster which she painted with such delicacy. In the case of Mikorin, he was approached by Sakura on behalf of her friend from the Art Club to be its model for the day. His refusal didn't work since a couple of girls from the same club stopped him shortly after. Hilarity ensued as Nozaki-kun joined in the madness halfway, and even asked for an application form along the way. I certainly wouldn't mind becoming a member!

Well, bukatsu would be many tons more rewarding and fun if any of the above were to happen on a daily basis! Which club would you join?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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