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EOY Cosplay Festival: Loots

How many of you headed down for EOY this year? I've never been to EOY as it always falls right smack in my vacation period, so I had to go this year, seeing as it was pushed forward to August!

On a side note, I went on 2nd August, which happens to be Kagami Taiga's birthday! He is one of my top favourites, and aptly enough there were a lot of merchandise featuring him that day, so I ended up with a lot of him ^^"

Before we move on, let me share a little about EOY. EOY promotes Japanese culture events, and their Cosplay Festival is one of the biggest cosplay events of the year! Although every year it was held in December, this year it was pushed forward as Marina Barrage (the yearly de facto event location) would be closed then. EOY brings in different guests each year and this year they are Niconico top-ranking dancers Penta and Marisu! I happened to hear one of them. Although I couldn't see her well, I could hear many fanboys cheering loudly from all corners of the event!

By the way, due to most of the cosplayers having moved far and wide around Marina Barrage for photoshoots, I did not manage to take photos of any. Those I saw were busy shopping or eating and I did not want to disturb them ^^"

First up, badges! Any veteran at J-culture events will tell you that badges are (unfortunately) not the cheapest merchandise. To me, since the artist put in so much effort to draw them and also sent them for production as badges, the price is sort of justified, as much as my wallet protests... However, since I bought this as a set, I got a special price! I also tend to leave badges as a final buy, so if I don't have enough budget leftover after everything else, I can just cut down on the number of badges I plan to get.

Kagami merchandise count: 1

So cute! It didn't even cross my mind to even consider first before buying this. My friend handed it to me, I squealed, and seconds later I was paying. Oops. Guess we know my weakness is neko!Kagami sitting in a pile of Maji burgers now... Oh who am I kidding, pretty much anything Kagami is basically my weakness. I own so many badges I have thought of a simple method to display them. Thus, instead of idling in a box or bag when not in use, they can be showcased!

Kagami merchandise count: 2

I deeply apologise, I didn't realise how much Kagami merchandise I actually picked up during EOY til I decided to do a loot post ^^;;; These are Puku Puku chibi chara stickers! I have yet to decide where to put them, since they pop out and I'm afraid if I put them on something I use frequently they'll fall off... My favourites are probably the chibi Aomine and Kagami, the cheeseburger and the octopus sausage! Cute~~~

Kagami merchandise count: 3

Not too long ago there we were introduced to Hakuouki, the visual novel for PSP! I've played Hakuouki before and my favourite character is hands down Hijikata (the one right in front), 50% because he looks cool and 50% because of his luscious locks... Hehe. This is from the same series as my Kuroko no Basuke mini figures, so I had high hopes!

Some of the other characters!

More of the other characters! Some of them have a western clothing version~

This is either a small sticker or card, I'm not sure since I didn't remove it from the packaging.

It's pretty small so there's hardly any assembling to do.

A small bump in his head to attach to the metal bar! They're magnetized.

Done! Isn't his facial expression just like a whiny child's? In game he's constantly frowning and stressed out though, so it's understandable.

For such a small figure, it's certainly detailed!

Can you see his katanas peeking out? The drawing it is based on is chock full of details and I have to say what a commendable effort there was to reflect these in such a tiny figure!

Final items of the day! I was all prepared to leave within an hour of arriving, since it was a terribly hot day and there's nowhere to sit, but right at the edge of the booths was this!!! Official gashapons!!! What more, both Kagami and Aomine were available! I saw One Piece gashapons, but they were pre-orders (a method I've never purchased by) so I refrained.

I put them on top of the badges to get a better angle! Did you realise I put them on their respective badges?

I like this version of Aomine because his frown is not very prominent. I frequently do the one-eye yawn although tears don't gather in my open one... Suffice to say I am not as cute as Aomine, of course ^^;;;

Side view

My friend remarked that Kagami looks pretty fat here. I agree, but while she disapproves, I really like the slight plumpness, makes me wanna pinch his cheek~ His head is about the same size as Aomine's though, so I think he looks fat due to the pose.

Kagami merchandise count: 4

Back view
By the way, speaking about gashapons, check out these cute exclusive gashapon stamps! Only at Milkcananime ;) Other than these, I also picked a few Yowamushi Pedal stickers. Overall, I had a really great time at EOY! I didn't spend beyond my budget and I got lots of Kagami merchandise! I'm looking forward to the next event, although next time I probably won't be buying small figurines but instead hunt down the larger scaled ones on my list!

Written by Nana

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