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ICDS International Cosplay Day 2013 with Alodia Gosiengfiao

Into it's second year, ICDS 2013 will feature internationally acclaimed guests-of-honor, as well as a gamut of pop-culture content and Singapore's 3rd Annual Cosplay Chess stage show. Following ICDS's success in 2012, which saw more than 1,000 visitors attending the fan-driven cosplay & pop-culture convention at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, organizer Neo Tokyo Project has partnered with *SCAPE Co. Ltd to bring ICDS to Singapore's shopping belt in Orchard Road on 25 August 2013.

I knew Alodia Gosiengfiao was flying from Philippines to Singapore to attend as a Guest Judge for this event and I thought I'm not going to waste this golden opportunity to see her in real person. Thus I promised myself I must come for this event by hook or by crook. 

Even before I entered the hall, I was greeted by a group of passionate Singapore Cosplayers. They show no hesitation to pose with you for a picture. I will not pretend that I know most of the characters. But I felt the young lanky chap whom cosplayed Goku in Dragonball stood out for his accurate Cosplay and dramatic poses.

Other to meet Alodia, another thing I enjoyed about Anime/Cosplay events is the different kind of booths that sells merchandise. You will find vendors selling anything from posters, buttons, plushes, gashapons, swords and everything else. 

They are also exhibits of Jay Tablante Photos on the wallboard. I don't know much about this guy but when you see that Alodia was chatting happily with this guy, I thought I should get to know him first..haha (evil intention)

Okay, I think pictures speak a thousand words and you can see some of the pictures of the Cosplay Contest, Talent Competition, Alodia signing event and of course, a rare picture of myself and Alodia!

I didn't stay long enough to attend the Cosplay Chess Competition as my legs were wavering from standing 4 hours. I think for the next ICDS event, the organizers should pick a larger venue so that they can allow the audience to sit instead of standing. Just a thought.

Tons of pictures here so please take your time to view them. 

I was impressed by this dance segment from the Republic Poly boys. It was unorthodox and creative. It was different from the many dances that I have seen. Good work RP boys!

 Nice pose from Dragonball Goku

The interview segment

The arrival of Sephiroth

This event attracted a large group of photographers

I think he's one of the zombie

Wanna grow biceps, try this ...

And the arrival of Alodia...and siting just in front of me.

How this picture came about?

I was standing in front of the stage and Alodia just walked in suddenly as one of the panel judges. And she was siting just a feet away from me. Everybody with a camera on the right side of Alodia kept stealing shots after shots as Alodia was looking on her right and chatting with Yuanie. Seeing that she did not turn her face to the left at all, I plucked some courage and asked Alodia "Can I take a picture with you"? . "Okay..., she said in a gentle voice". So here it is. I think all the "left side" of the audience appreciated me as I made Alodia turned her face towards the left and multiple flashes were going off for that rare split minute.

Watch Alodia playing a Final Fantasy medley here. I'm so impressed by your multi-talents!

1) Prelude (FF 2), 2) Dragonborn (Skyrim), 3) Mambo de Chocobo (FF 5), 4) To Zanarkand (FF 10)

Such a close encounter with Alodia does not come easy. Max

Finally, I've got Alodia's signature which I will treasure dearly.
So that's it, I truly enjoyed the ICDS event with our Singapore Otaku and Alodia. Do read more of other anime events here. ><

Written by Max


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