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Once upon a time, I had a penpal from Japan who would write about many of the bizarre incidents that took place around his hometown. His explanations would be largely supported by photographs which were just as bizarre if not more so. Of course, I didn't wish to doubt the authenticity of anything that he had told me. In turn, I assured him that the most important thing of all was to remain safe. My penpal and I continued our correspondence until his abrupt, mysterious disappearance. It felt like as though I had been warped into some late-night detective series with recycled stories about missing characters and their friends who had travelled from afar just to find out where on earth those people had gone to. Nonetheless, mine was probably a little more exciting in some ways. With a little harvest from the local money tree, I hopped on a flight to Japan.

I hadn't expected an escort, yet a peculiar girl with cat ears pounced on me the second I wheeled my luggage out of the arrival hall. As if that wasn't attention-seeking enough, she licked both of my cheeks like how an actual cat would. I could feel the weight of her assets sinking into my bones. Thankfully, a male voice called out from behind. Since I had nearly passed out from that strange welcome, the male voice apologised profusely while the cat girl smiled sweetly back at me. That was how I became acquainted with Asano Shinichirou and Tamako. Sensing my confusion, Shinichirou explained that he was close friends with my penpal. Apparently, my penpal was just one of several uprising cases of missing people in the town. Shinichirou warned that I might be in danger as well.

I was introduced to Souma Nadeshiko, who quickly drove all of us to a beautiful mansion where Shinichirou, Tamako and a girl named Shimazu Sakuya lived. Sakuya looked at me rather critically before rattling off in a patronising tone about how my presence had just added a notch to her existing troubles. Shinichirou simply smiled sheepishly, but a bolder Tamako whispered in my ear that Sakuya was actually a tsundere who secretly relished and wanted kisses from Shinichirou. Well, I didn't understand how that had got to do with my penpal's disappearance and my untimely involvement in Sakuya's troubles. Anyway, a swift Nadeshiko had managed to cut in with a more sensible story.

Some time before my penpal disappeared, Shinichirou had met with a near-fatal situation while walking home in the middle of the night. A mentally unsound woman had walked up to Shinichirou and showed him the full monty. While that scenario might have caused some people an instant nosebleed, a frantic Shinichirou was suddenly unable to move. What happened next felt straight out of a sci-fi horror film - the crazy woman's naked body tore up to reveal monster tentacles and other stuff that didn't belong to a human body. Shinichirou thought that his life was going to be devoured by the female monster in a matter of seconds, when not one but two arrows penetrated the monster's head, effectively killing it. The arrows were shot from a rooftop by Sakuya, although Shinichirou wasn't aware of that until later.

An incident which took place in school the following day brought Shinichirou, Sakuya and Tamako together. Nadeshiko explained that Tamako was in fact a cat spirit whose life was spared by a reluctant Sakuya after much persistence from Shinichirou. At this point, an unhappy Sakuya chimed in and called Tamako a hindrance to the world and her duties. Even though I was totally baffled by their stories, I had finally grasped the potential danger that I was putting myself in. If what they had said were real, then Sakuya was no ordinary girl. Sakuya was a monster hunter. Tamako was a (cute) monster. Shinichirou was...Shinichirou. Well, Nadeshiko did let in that there was more to Shinichirou which had yet to be discovered.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to trace my penpal's whereabouts. However, I had found new correspondence in Shinichirou who promised to keep looking out on my behalf. Tamako had insisted on sending me her paw prints as a souvenir. Nadeshiko and I exchanged phone numbers. As for Sakuya, she simply handed me a copy of ISUCA.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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