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Hatsukoi Monster

Summer is here, and a new wave of anime titles hits eager fans and passersby from the other end. I have slowed down much these days, because there genuinely hasn't been anything eye-catching. Throw in a backlog of half-finished and severely neglected shows which have since not seen the light of day, and I wonder if something similar might just repeat itself for Summer. Never mind that for now, for I do have some things in line that I would like to share.

Here is Hatsukoi Monster, or First Love Monster. Romance these days is increasingly complicated to make much sense of, and even though I see it with more indifference than anything else, occasionally there is still that little glaring disbelief which is dying to escape from the back of my head. Without sounding overly partial, I have to say that for anybody's first love, that has to be built on mostly delusion or convenient ignorance of a lot of stuff.

While I can understand that romance does or may happen just 'like that', the odds of such are becoming unbelievably high, with the central characters sticking out like a couple of sore thumbs instead of lovers. Yeah, perhaps that is precisely where much of the humour comes from anyway. Hatsukoi Monster is probably a tall fairy tale first, and a romantic comedy next. Don't get me wrong though, I still find it rather enjoyable.

So, the charm factor here has to be the physical twist that runs throughout the show mostly for laughs. The story begins with a petite high school girl Nikaidou Kaho, who shyly asks for the name of the guy who has saved her from being knocked down by a passing truck. Much to her shock, the guy downright refuses and leaves the scene. However, what he has said to her as a response quickly creates a base for what is to come. 

You see, the nutrition for elementary school children has become amazingly good that fifth-grade boys can develop growth spurts which make them stand out among their fellow students like...sore thumbs. Now, I'm not completely thrown off-guard by this, but what comes after as the anime progresses has left me mostly laughing uncontrollably at the screen.

Oh, the boy who quickly becomes Kaho's love interest is Takahashi Kanade. Kanade poses the question to a confused Kaho about his actual identity and whether it affects her confession to him, but Kaho doesn't care about anything else except becoming the girlfriend (obviously). We all know that it is just the beginning of madness, for the lack of a better word here. Kaho is 15, Kanade is 10. Well, I'm rather curious as to how their relationship will turn out eventually. 

Ah, if anybody is watching the first episode, do look out for this elaborate game that Kanade is playing with his friends at the playground after school. I mean, even though biologically they are still ten year-olds, but still. When I watched that scene, I was only relieved that I hadn't been eating or drinking anything.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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