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Figure Review: Kaname Madoka (Banpresto)

Do you know who this is.......?
Yes, it's Kaname Madoka, everyone's favorite Mahou Shojo!

As expected of a prize figure, the base is very plain, with only a pure white circle. Though I wasn't expecting much, it remains a bummer to see that there wasn't at least her name and series title featured.

Setting that aside, the base holds the figure upright well and I cannot see the base causing much issues in the future as well.

Posing and Assembly

A 360 of Madoka shows us that she's in a simple pose but the way her hair is sculpted makes her look a bit more dynamic. Likewise, her outfit adds in small points of dynamism as well, which I would cover later.

Pose-wise, it does suit Madoka well as the figure shows her insecure side that was a major part of her personality, especially at the start of the series.

Assembly is simple as usual, simple by placing her onto her base,

Sculpting and Painting
Her hair is being blown backwards in the wind and the element of movement is seen on both her hair and the ribbons. The strands are not chunky at the end, unlike some prize figures.

Sadly, her hair on her scalp area are not sculpted.
From here we can see that her dress is very detailed. The ribbons are all well-sculpted, even the ones on her shoes. The white puffed-up skirt has suitable creases and looks extremely lightweight. All the ruffles are well-sculpted too. However, nothing beats the underside of her skirt.
All the ruffles at her underskirt! However, it's a bit disappointing that the innermost ruffle wasn't hidden better and actually looks like a longer shorts instead.
From the front of her dress we can see a lot of details. First off, we have her choker and gem that is lined with gold and the whole gem is covered with glossy paint which makes it look more realistic than with matte paint.

Frills are necessary for a Mahou Shoujo and Banpresto certainly didn't cut corners with it. The small ruffles on her chest looks very cute, and the seam of her bodice to her skirt is very abrupt though it does join well.

The ends of her pink bodice part ends with a white pattern that is very crisp.

Lastly, the shoes are detailed with the ribbon winding around her foot. There are no paint spills for this in my copy, which is a very good point for prize figures, as most of them would have some paint flaws when such a strong color is used on a white surface.

Madoka has a lot of prize figures as well as pretty scale figures and this pales in comparison. Personally, I don't think that this figure would make a good statement piece, but if she is a good bargain, it will definitely be worth it to grab her!

~ Reina-rin

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