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VivoCity (with Sadako)

This afternoon, I summoned Sadako from her deep slumber and invited her to walk around VivoCity on my little finger. Well, technically she doesn't stick firmly to the skin, but I have managed to keep her from falling. As you can see, Sadako is still quite a mess. Nonetheless, we had a pretty good time!

VivoCity connects to a couple of key places, namely Sentosa and HarbourFront Centre. From different points, one can catch a glimpse or two of the opposite attractions. Outside the shopping mall facing HarbourFront Centre, there are the cable cars from afar travelling to and fro. I haven't sat in a cable car for a very, very long time! 

Sentosa BoardWalk encourages visitors to go on foot instead of taking a cab, bus or monorail into the island. The downside is that it can be a very long walk, and might not be that fun after all especially on a crazily hot day. Speaking of the monorail, we have managed to capture one passing by! 

The view of the neighbouring sights is just splendid and calming, if the weather is good enough to spend a little time out looking at the sea. The cruise liner docks at HarbourFront Centre, which is easily accessible from Sentosa BoardWalk. 

With a little difficulty, I have managed to get Sadako in a few pictures against the scenic backdrops. She had a brief, unsuccessful attempt at suntanning atop a stone dock. Unfortunately, she didn't know what a bikini was. Well, not that she would look flattering in one in the first place!

I believe this little kiddie train goes one big round - I used to hear the children shrieking from afar as the slow-moving vehicle passed by the premises. I am not sure if ghosts need a ticket to ride on one of those things. Then again, Sadako would rather crawl her way around. 

Wow, rows and rows of toys - this is the definition of a paradise, at least for toy enthusiasts. Simply Toys is located on the second floor of VivoCity, right opposite the side entrance of Golden Village. I didn't ask Sadako if she would feel right at home with those guys, but I don't think she belongs there anyway. Since I am not a toy collector, I can't comment much on the market. Nonetheless, I do know some of the names...

Two very prominent and profitable businesses beckon the willing souls. Even though I have long grown out of game centres, it is still rather thrilling to watch others play. As for Daiso Japan, it is a must-go, even if you have absolutely nothing to buy. You need to walk one big round!

Remember the Pokemon Go craze? I didn't play the game, but a few friends did, and that was where the players assembled for the rare monsters or something. Many children like to play in the water over there - I have no idea what causes the weird colour of it though. Sadako might just fancy a little dip. Oh, you don't?

Actually, I would rather stay inside the well if I were her! (^^;) Okay, just kidding.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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