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Figure Review: Kousaka Honoka Valentines' Version (Furyu)

I chanced upon my set of Love Live! Prize Figures when I was cleaning up my apartment and took the liberty of taking some pictures of them in case anyone is interested in how they fare! I would be posting a series for the 6 separate Love Live! Prize Figures which I have~

With the purpleish-pink font on the base, it is able to easily lift the plain black base up from being a bland holder to something much decorative! However, I wouldn't say that this suits the figure well since it has almost no relative with the figure save for the "Love Live!" logo. But this base does its job well at holding the figure steady.

Posing and Assembly

A quick 360 of this figure shows that Honoka is in an energetic pose, showing off her box of chocolates. As much as this pose does suit Honoka, there are several unrealistic parts about this pose such as how much her waist is bent, resulting in an awkward jutting out of her butt.

Another issue would be with her left leg, which she lifted the heel off of the base. This pose seems to be quite physically taxing to maintain.

Assembly-wise, there is no problem as with most prize figures, which only consist of placing the figure onto the base into the correct pegs.

Sculpting and Painting
I do quite like Honoka's face sculpt and paint for this figure as compared to most of the others I have. The paint is clean and crisp and while it isn't a fantastic job done, there are no huge errors as well. Her hair sculpt is average for a prize figure. The ends are not that sharp as with most scale figures, but each strand is rather well-defined. If anything, I wish her bangs could be a little longer.
Hair seam for this figure isn't that obvious until you look closely. The yellow ribbon for her ponytail matches well with the box colors as well. More importantly, the ribbon is also defined with different creases in its sculpt.
Going back to her uniform, we notice that it's passable but appears a little flat with this minimal amount of shading. However, this isn't a huge issue for a prize figure as expectations should be lower in the first place.

We also notice that her shoes are defined, which is a good additional point for this figure!
And last but not the least, let's look at the nice present Honoka is holding up for us!. Matching her image color is a orange box (that's leaning more to yellow than bright orange) with a red ribbon wrapped around it.

There are no paint spills on the box whatsoever, which took me by surprise. Kudos to Furyu for this!


I love this one the most of all the Honoka Prize Figures that I have because it just looks so good from afar, and it still looks good close-up! Of course, my impression of Furyu isn't all that great when it comes to prize figures, but this Honoka Prize Figure really exceeded my expectations and stereotype I branded Furyu with!

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