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The Last: Naruto the movie

Hello again, fellow nerds!

I bring you news! There's a new Naruto movie releasing on 6th Dec, and it looks not bad from the trailers. The plot goes something like this:

"Two years after the events of the Fourth Great Ninja War, the moon that Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki created long ago to seal away the Gedo Statue begins to descend towards the world, threatening to become a meteor that would destroy everything on impact. Amidst this crisis, a direct descendant of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki named Toneri Ōtsutsuki attempts to kidnap Hinata Hyuga but ends up abducting her younger sister Hanabi. Naruto and his allies now mount a rescue mission before finding themselves embroiled in a final battle to decide the fate of everything."

Sounds and looks pretty promising, yes? However, I'm having mixed thoughts about the movie. Rumors are flying around saying that this movie will feature Naruhina as well as a possible Sasusaku and I just went all whaaaaaaaaaat? 

Even though my otp is Sasunaru, I'm perfectly fine with people shipping Naruhina or Sasusaku. To each their own, right? It just seems kind of weird that this movie is to feature Naruhina since Naruto has basically ignored Hinata's advances for the past million chapters of the manga. Okay, I exaggerate, but you get my point. Also, why Hinata? I still maintain that she doesn't play much of a role at all. 

Plus, catching up with the latest manga chapter (698), Sasunaru is so canon that even non shippers are laughing over the 'subtlety'. I shall create a different post for my Sasunaru rant, so head on over there instead, or I shall turn this movie post towards an entirely different topic. 

But yes, back to the movie, the art looks good as usual, and Naruto got a new haircut. I literally spit out my drink laughing when I saw his hairstyle. It's very un-Naruto-ish. Also, photos of Sasuke's new outfit is all over the web, even though I didn't see him in the trailers. Character sketches are out as well!

Most, if not all of the characters, have some sort of hairstyle change. I love Temari's new hairstyle, as well as Tenten. What the hell did they do to Gaara though! Sai's hair just looks longer, Choji looks more mature, and Shika's hair.. I don't know what they can do to it. I kinda really want to see Sasuke in a side shave. /swoons/ Yep, so those are the character sketches. Now for a slew of colored images!

Sasuke's outfit is hilarious, to be honest. He just can't seem to get rid of bandages. Naruto's outfit is a less toned down version of his jumpsuit, so eh. The 'villain' looks hella awesome though!

In any case, I'm somewhat excited for the release of this movie! I can only hope it doesn't disappoint. Ahh, so much effort to screenshot for you guys. All picture credits to the original artists! Their official website is in Japanese, but the navigation is in English. I still don't understand the content though, sigh.

Written by: ninetylives

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