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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Yamato (Good Smile Company)

When I first started collecting Nendoroids and figures as a whole, the Kantai Collection line caught my eye on several occasions, be it browsing through online stores or when window shopping. The sheer size of the boxes and how recognisable the characters were constantly captured my attention.

These are perhaps the best Nendoroids produced by Good Smile Company due to the multitude of accessories and parts they boast, letting you strike a variety of poses. Although the box features a good number of poses, I'm betting you can even recreate most, if not all her scenes in the anime or web browser game.

I finally decided to take the plunge several months back and bought the Yamato, the flagship for the Yamato Class battleship. She's the most expensive Nendoroid I've purchased and by far the hardest to set up.

On the flipside, it's also the most striking Nendoroid I've bought and one that I've enjoyed assembling. She even has a special page on the Good Smile Company website showcasing the various accessories and effect parts.

With three blister packs' worth of accessories, face plates and effect parts, Yamato is a Nendoroid collector's dream come true. The box even comes with an umbrella, a tiny omu-rice plate and a ramune bottle along with the parts that let you convert Yamato to her Kai form.

This is attention to detail at its finest. However, the large number of parts meant that assembling and eventually posing the Nendoroid wouldn't be the easiest of tasks, as you'll see later on in the review.

The sculpting of Yamato's hair takes the cake. It's by far the most stunning and detailed out of all the Nendoroids I own, although it did get in my way a number of times when I had to attach her turrets.

I decided to stick with the featured pose but even then, each time I solved one problem, another would pop up. The anchors at her waist constantly popped off, her umbrella couldn't seem to fit and there were times when her ponytail would drop off when I used too much force to adjust it. This exact same sequence happened a few times before I could finally achieve this pose.

Even then, I wasn't satisfied and went for a second round of self-inflicted torture a week later, changing her left leg and adding in the anti-aircraft turrets and batteries to recreate her Kai form. I also threw in the explosion effect parts for the bulk of her turrets but drew the line at including the missiles that could be attached to separate bases. This looked far more intimidating than the initial pose and one that can actually attempt to justify its cost.

I could finally put the box away and I daresay its the most outstanding Nendoroid I have on display right now. All the time spent assembling and posing the Nendoroid was worth it although I fear that I might end up changing poses yet again.

For Kantai Collection fans, the Yamato Nendoroid is a must-have along with her sister ship, Musashi. Unfortunately, the latter is only receiving a limited-production run but that shouldn't be a problem for ardent fans.

Written by ET

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