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A Promising Swimsuit Competition

Yo-ho, how is everything on the beach? While summer is all about fighting the heat and such, honestly it is increasingly difficult to look for people to participate in the ill-fated swimsuit competition, you know? I can't believe that there isn't a single fry out there who is willing to sacrifice...uh, give this competition a shot. Okay, so there aren't any prizes but it is all in the name of fun! The watermelons can wait, can't they? By the way, no pun intended. Hmm, this beach looks fairly decent. Let's just try my luck one more time!

Ooh...will you look at that godly sight? Hello girls! I'm awfully sorry to interrupt your dessert time, and those look really mouth-watering. The shaved ice, I mean! Would you girls be interested in taking part in a swimsuit competition? Yeah, quite unfortunately I'm both the emcee and talent scout around here. I'm supposed to have an accompanying panel of judges, you know...but those guys are still in the hospital due to severe bleeding from their noses. Meanwhile, I have been assigned to put these shambles back together. Anyway, would you girls consider forking out some of your time for this? Oh my gosh, YOU WOULD? Thank you very much!

Yeah, that was a lovely start! I should be able to persuade more people to consider joining the competition. Oh look, there goes another with potential! Hey, excuse me! That girl in the skimpy...zebra stripes? Could I have a little of your time please? Gosh, she isn't slowing down at all! Hey, excuse...whoops! Ah, never mind. There seems to be some trouble or something. Okay, I shall take back what I have said earlier. Well, just a little. What is positive plus negative? Yeah, I know.

How about these two? They look rather accommodating. Hello girls, could I have a little of your time please? I apologise for my sudden intrusion! Yeah, I'm actually looking for contestants for a swimsuit competition, and I wonder if both of you would be interested to give it a shot. Oh, there won't be prizes though I'm afraid. But there will be an audience, I think? If it isn't any trouble, perhaps I could get your approval on this? Great, thank you very much for your help! Yeah, you may resume your...running around, I guess. 

Okay, I just need one more person to form the minimum parade. Hmm, let's see...oh hello, I didn't see you earlier! Yeah, there is a swimsuit competition in the works. I'm supposed to look for a few girls around the beach for this. Uh, since you mentioned it yourself, would you be keen to lend your assets...I mean, strength to the competition? Because I just need one more person and the competition will be good to go! What do you say? 

Well, people...the swimsuit competition is all set to begin! By the way, these two peculiar people have volunteered to act as the judges. Yeah, I suppose that I can't complain much, since the existing bunch is still lying in the hospital. At least I can finally heave a huge sigh of relief...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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