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Doukyuusei: A Letter To Kusakabe and Sajou

Dear Kusakabe and Sajou,

Ogenki desu ka? I still remember that bashful summer where fate had brought both of you closer than anybody else would have had imagined. Those underlying feelings for each other had so intensely surfaced in between the loose sheets of music. Oh, and the soda pop just before the first albeit awkward kiss. Could that be any more beautiful? Apparently it could. I don't know if anybody else had felt strongly about something which had so much poetry from sheer simplicity. Of course, the love between both of you was unapologetically romantic. Come to think of it, a relationship like yours had actually stood out because of what was written in those chapters.

Somebody once said that unlikeliness would usually bring out the most surprises, be them pleasant, dramatic or funny. I relished the comic relief that came as Hara-sen, even though he had a difficult time nursing the effects of an unrequited love. Well, Hara-sen did cross paths with somebody eventually, but that was for another story which I had enjoyed just as much. The ups and downs of a relationship had long been used and abused, but strangely the reaction that I had towards your first conflict with each other was refreshingly raw. I had rooted for both of you to be together and forever. Yeah, a little cliche here.

I would think that living in the moment is actually not so bad. Sure, having a future is important, especially when the backdrop is a typical high school and such. I suppose that the equilibrium was what fuelled this relationship forward and beyond. The unconditional love made the ultimate forgiveness and deeper understanding. Those bits and pieces of emotions floating in the air were just stepping stones that bridged both of you a lot closer than before. Intimacy had truly reinvented itself so brilliantly that nothing else really mattered anymore. The hearts were just beating in sync with each other.

Did I mention that I fell in love with the theme song? Like I said before, there was just so much poetry throughout your love story. Who could ever get tired of reminiscing about the good old days? If only those chapters could keep on writing and writing. Both of you had walked together so finely. Naturally, there is the whole set of manga in greater detail. Nonetheless, just for a little longer...I would like those feelings to linger about silently as I close this letter to both of you. Thank you for your story. Thank you. Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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