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Fire Emblem: Three Houses + Pokemon: Sword & Shield

Hello hello my little nuggets!!!

There's a spot of good news in a dark period: Three Houses finally has some news I'm vibrating with excitement~~

So instead of being on one opposite end of a war, this time there is peace all around and you're actually a professor of the Officer's Academy. The Officer's Academy is the training school for the Church of Seiros, which maintains the balance of power between three kingdoms. Around this time when you're recruited into the Academy, you also start to be able to see Sothis, who appears in your mind?

For the Three Houses, we have the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, and the Golden Deer, led by Edelgard, Dmitri, and Claude respectively. So far it seems like the goal is to train the students and to increase their battle abilities in terms of magic, weapons, and specialized skills. 

You get to pick one house to main, and bring them out on missions and battles in the usual grid battle system. It also seems that this time the students will be able to interact with each other and increase support bonds. 

Honestly, this feels very different from the previous Fire Emblems, there has always been war and a conclusive ending, a sole enemy to defeat before we can end the game. However, after watching the trailers, I can't tell how the plot is going to proceed. Will we have the main antagonist or will it just be bringing students out on battles over and over? 

Three Houses is set for release on 26th July 2019. and the European limited edition set comes with an Artbook, Steelbook, Sound Selection USB, and a Pin Badge set.

The North America one gets a CD instead of a USB, and a Calendar instead of the Pin Badge Set. I'm a little undecided on getting the limited edition, but I think I'll end up ordering it mainly for the artbook. I did get the limited edition for Fates so maybe I should get for this one as well.. 

But that aside, the next piece of news I have is for Pokemon!

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield coming soon in late 2019!! I'm so excited for it!!!!

The starters are too adorable, and I can't decide between picking the Fire-type or the Water-type. I don't think they've released the evolutions yet, so there's plenty of time to decide. After watching the trailer, Sword and Shield feels more realistic to me, mainly for the fact that the players are carrying huge backpacks.

Sword and Shield will be set in a brand new region (Galar region) with brand new pokemon to collect. The scenery looks amazing, and Nintendo has mentioned the Galar region to have "idyllic countryside and contemporary cities; vast plains and snow-covered mountains."

Here's the trailer!

I'm so stoked for this year, and I really hope both Three Houses and Sword and Shield will not be disappointing. Well for now, nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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