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Throwback Godzilla: Rebirth of Mothra +

All that hype (presumably) about Shin Godzilla had at one point made me contemplate succumbing to my inner struggles, but in the end I still decided not to watch it because honestly, I would rather watch Godzilla fight other monsters. The impact is stronger, and not forgetting those brilliant visual and sound effects combined! But for readers who have already watched or are intending to watch the reboot, no worries: I'm certain there are still things to take away from it despite my preferences.

So, what did I do? Yeah, I started a little Godzilla marathon, though it was more of a casual, skip-the-boring-bits activity. I'm not ashamed to admit that the more technical and dramatic elements of the Godzilla movies tend to wear my attention out rapidly. I understand that the various backstories and such are just as crucial, but you know...some things get way too boring after some time! Anyway, the best bit about catching my favourite Godzilla movies online (ahem) is that I'm able to filter the draggy stuff. Long-time readers should be familiar with the several write-ups that I wrote on the franchise as a counter to the American reboot. Well, kind of. I apologise for being ancient, ha ha ha! 

Besides the long, glaring inclination towards the retro stuff (yeah I'm a real sucker for Showa and Heisei), I have also discovered some underground gems (at least to me they are) while having a great time re-watching the old Godzilla movies. Now, does anybody know my favourite monster from the Godzilla franchise? No prizes for the correct answer, but it is the one and only Mothra. Actually, a little background check (there are just too many things on one monster, hence I just compressed what I could) reveals interesting facts about this beautiful moth. I shall not bore myself and everybody else with the findings here (interested parties can read more on the Wiki). But there is one thing that I would like to share: Mothra's standalone movies are a blast.

Okay, I have only caught one of them: Rebirth of Mothra. It was quite thrilling, though some scenes were a little hard to digest. You know, sometimes I just wish that Mothra and her offsprings could just appear in their adult forms. I'm not trying to defy biology here, but the larvae are way too slimy to my liking. The parts where a furious Desghidorah either spewed fire across the land or sunk its teeth into the huge caterpillar were just...indescribable. Generally, Mothra should be the strongest in her adult phase. Okay, I'm just biased here. I mean, I prefer the beautiful moth spreading her beautiful wings and gliding across Tokyo or elsewhere. By the way, in Rebirth of Mothra it was her son (Leo) that defeated the annoying Desghidorah.

It is revealed that Mothra might appear in the sequel to the American reboot. Oh well, I thought that it was the Japanese reboot instead. Feeling a little disappointed here. I would really love to see Godzilla and Mothra fight in an updated setting. Am I the only one who feels that way? Hmm. Anyway, the above fan art is just breathtaking! That is what the Godzilla movies should be about: monsters and more monsters shaking the big screen with their fights!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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