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A Closing for 2016: Best Figures of the year and Anticipated figures for 2017

In no particular order we have the top 10 figures I find as the most amazing figures of the year. This mainly involves figures I own and love. For this year, I tried incorporating an equal ratio of male and female characters, though due to the astoundingly higher ratio of female to male figures, there is a slight discrepancy as a result.

There are also no Nendoroids or other scales included so as to simplify things.
1. Kogitsunemaru (Touken Ranbu) by Max Factory.
Sculptor: Nanako
The details on his hair, namely the flow of the strands, as well as the color coordination for his outfit is perfect. The little details in is simple outfit, such as the creases and the painting of the armor bits and tassels, are what really brings the figure to life.
2. Mikazuki Munechika (Touken Ranbu) by Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Yuma
Similar to Kogitsunemaru, his beauty shines in the painting, colors and sculpt. The pattern all around his dark blue outer shirt is all sculpted and catches light perfectly, casting shadows and glinting in the light as well, making it perfect on display.
3. Sengoku Nadeko Medusa Version (Monogatari Series) by Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Manzoku Mamoru
Next up is Nadeko, where she shines due to the effort placed into sculpting and painting of her base and the sake bottles. The wood grain pattern is delicate, intricate and beautiful. Nadeko herself, doesn't lose with the pearl paint in her hair, making her medusa snake heads look life-like and menacing. This depicts a well-known scene and a different side of Nadeko as in the anime which would remind the collectors of her arc in the series whenever they see her!
4. Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-under-Blade (Monogatari Series) by Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Rooney
Though her base definitely isn't the easiest to assemble, she makes up for it with the sculpt of her dress. It looks tattered and torn but still elegant and intimidating. The harsh shading helps bring that point across and give the figure a different atmosphere. The characteristic hairstyle she has is also aptly preserved all around.
5. Hatsune Miku Hanairogoromo Version (Vocaloid) by Stronger
Sculptor: Icrea
This is a December release and while I haven't received my copy (shipping to me via SAL), pictures from other collectors who got her via EMS have shown that this stunning beauty lives up to her promotional pictures. Furthermore, the pattern on her kimono is astounding and the bright red contrasts perfectly against the light blue of her hair. The gradient of her hair from blue to nearly transparent can be considered overused for Miku but packs a punch every single time.
6. Hatsune Miku Mebae Version (Vocaloid) by Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Shining Wizard @ Sawachika
While the toes and fingers spread out so unnaturally, it may make one reel away from the figure. The hair also requires some more blending work, but I believe that the colors have sharp differences to set them clearly apart to give off that "digital" feel. All in all, her pose gives her a very different feel from those cutesy Miku figures out there and due to this, you can probably just like or dislike this Miku.
7. Saber Alter Huke version (Fate/Stay Night) by Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Kiking
This figure is one of those that has such a different feel that you can either just like her or don't. I'm leaning more towards the dislike side because she wouldn't fit in with others in my collection (of course, I don't have her either) but that doesn't mean that I don't recognise her beauty. The way this figure can give such a different feel from most of the other figures already in the market makes it all the more valuable. To make this even more certain, the sculpt is changed up slightly as well!
8. Nakiri Erina (Shoukugeki no Soma) by Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Katsuaki Nemoto
Pretty throne as a decoration for the Nakiri Erina. She gives off the vibe of a queen and has the demeanor and courage to back it up. She also fits well in the display with Atobe which can be seen as a King or Prince due to the sculpting similarities as well!
9. Atobe Keigo (Shin Tennis no Oujisama) by Alter
Sculptor: Kohirou
He matches well with Erina with both having gold accents. The only difference is that the pedestal is of different colors and textures. However, both can be removed from the pedestal and be displayed on their thrones only, making them more matching. I love the fur and cape on Atobe, and it makes him look extremely princely and elite.
10. Edna (Tales of Zestiria) by Alter
Sculptor: Numakura Toshiaki
Despite the size of her boots being off-putting, she has intricate patterns on her blouse which makes her worth her price. The umbrella is  good touch, especially so with the few number of figures which come with a parasol.

Which are my anticipated figures for 2017?
While this doesn't include all the figures I would be purchasing, these are the ones (no re-releases) which I will be keeping a look-out for~

1. Hatsune Miku (Racing Miku) by Good Smile Company
A different feel and pose for Racing Miku is always welcomed. I like how she isn't looking at the collector but is distracted by Weight-chan flying over to her. The vibrant colors give a very good touch too and makes her look really cheerful. This is the first Racing Miku i have pre-ordered and I don't regret my decision!

2. Ononoki Yotsugi (Monogatari Series) by Good Smile Company
Much like her doll-persona, Yotsugi comes with a lot of plushies around her. While this might put-off many collectors who think this makes the figure look clattered and messy, I like how lifeless she looks, as if she's just another one of those dolls in a toy room! For those who don't like the other plushies, she has a cheaper alternative which only comes with Yotsugi herself and the throne she's on.

3.  Kaito Hanairogoromo Version (Vocaloid) by Stronger
4.  Meiko Hanairogoromo Version (Vocaloid) by Stronger
5.  Luka Hanairogoromo Version (Vocaloid) by Stronger
Whether it is the painted prototype or the Luka without even a prototype, I am probably about to collect the whole Hanairogoromo line. Each one of them comes with detailed kimono that brings them on together as a whole yet helps each one hold their own individually.

6. Edward Elric (Hagane no Renkinjitsushi) by Kotobukiya
Such a meaningful design and sculpt! Edward has a Nendoroid announced too, so I'll be looking out for that as well~

7. Roy Mustang (Hagane no Renkinjitsushi) by Kotobukiya
8. Natsume Takashi and Madara (Natsume Yuujinchou) by Kotobukiya
It's definitely rare to find a sculpt with Madara in it alongside Natsume, apart from those crazily expensive kuji from Banpresto, hence this is a figure that I am definitely keeping a lookout for!

9. Kinomoto Sakura Stars Bless You Version (Card Captor Sakura) by Good Smile Company
An elaborate base with fanciful colors makes the figure pop. She comes with pastel green and bright stark red as contrast. The transparent wing parts make it even better as it gives some effects of wind movement. This figure is a statement piece and holds well as a static piece on a shelf than a movable figure. This is such a figure.

Other than these, I am also looking forward to other re-released figures. While not all these figures will be reviewed as I may not get every single one, I will definitely choose the ones I like best out of them to add into my collection!

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