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Post-Event: Game Start Asia 2015

9.20 AM,
Finally we managed to reach the appointed destination without any further delay. The Game Start Asia 2015 was going to start at 10.00 AM. It was the official day of the event for the public. I have planned to reach around 9 AM but unfortunately there was a hiccup earlier. The crowd was terrible and there was this lady seen carrying a signage “The Queue Ends Here”My friend and I sat quietly on the floor while waiting for the golden time. For information, the event was held at level 4 yet we were sitting here. Can you imagine the long line of queue?

10.00 AM
The crowd prepared themselves like a herd of armies into a war zone. Majority of those who came to this event were guys and a few girls like myself. No sight of any cosplayers yet but I managed to spot an Ironman. He was wearing an Ironman shirt tightly around his body and wore a pair of jeans. The crowd moved slowly and within 25 minutes, I found myself in front of the event entrance. Those who came later on will have to join the queue. The event organizer will not allow anyone to budge through the line. This was probably due to last year event’s feedbacks.  We were quite fortunate to grab a hold of the goodies bag since we were late. 

Goodies Bag! How lucky I am!
Are you able to recognise which characters are they? Cosplayers pay $5 to enter only.
In front of the entrance after all goodies bags have given out.
 10.30 AM
It was dark with blue fluorescent lighting around the hall with many yellow spotlights. Booths were decorated with colorful manner in their own term. We were greeted by enthusiastic booth personals with their pamphlets and brochures on their companies. I took many and proceeded to our first marked location which was the Playstation. There were many demo stations and it was packed with excited gamers. I hung around here while my companion, Thomas rushed to the Star War Battle Pod station. Smaller overseas companies showcased their games at this convention. Overall I had my chance on Need for Speed, Transformer, Street Fighter 5 and some other games which I could not remember their titles very well. Did I mention there was a Chun-Li from Street Fighter standing in front of the PlayStation booth? She did a good job by posing for every visitor.
VR Goggle from PlayStation.
$10 for all games shown! Sold out within first two hours.
Game trailers on screen.
The actual environment inside the convention.

Chun-Li in pose.
11.30 AM
I felt tired for Thomas who was queuing at the Star War Battle Pod station for almost an hour. It was many guys against one battle pod. Each player will complete a stage in about 3 to 4 minutes. For every stage, there will be a high scorer pilot that will walk away with their grand prize. From what I heard from the staff, there was this guy who managed to score over 800k on the hardest level which had beaten the developer’s score.  It was intimidating. Good luck to all players! ($2 per play on this Star War Battle Pod). 

The battle pod in the dark
Guys were swarming around this pod.
The queue for the Star War Battle Pod. 
The actual view when the player is inside the pod.
Beside the pod, there was a mini booth for Star War fans. Visitors can try on one of their Light Sabers or fight against Luke or Dark Vader. I was there while Thomas was preparing for his fight. One of the staff guided me patiently on the varieties of Light Sabers. There are three category of Light Sabers and the minimum one cost about $449. For every one level up, there will be an increase cost of $200. Those weapons were strong and tough as demonstrated by Luke the cosplayers. For Star Wars fans, this is worth every penny.

Tropper posing for photo.
Espensive light saber on display.
Pamphlet for the light sabers.
1.00 PM
We went back to the convention after a quick lunch at Suntec Mall. Cosplayers were seen outside the convention. I could not recognize half of them but popular character such as Hatsune Miku was bound to appear in every game or anime convention.  We walked around the hall and dropped by at local game booths. They were grouped together in the middle of the hall and can be recognized by a huge white balloon on top of their station. Some of my ex-classmates were there as exhibitors and I am proud of them by opening a game studio in Singapore. Out of 35 students among us, only a handful are able to stay in the gaming industry. 

There were many pixel designed games and I tried to play as much as possible. It was interesting to see our local developers‘s game and some games were actually addictive. They mentioned they were still in alpha/beta stages therefore they will still need to improve based on public feedbacks.
All local developers were stationed in this booth.
One of the game which I was playing : Satay Club
You may visit this website for other local games.

2.30 PM
I would say that the most popular booths were the Blizzard and Playstation. There were able to draw a big crowd by giving out prizes and beta keys to the players. There was this Tattoo booth in front of Blizzard and visitors were having fun with their face and hand tattooed with their favorite logo. Although I do not play any of the Blizzard’s games but I could not miss this chance. I have totally no idea what logo I was getting on my hand.

The tattoo booth which was in front of the Blizzard.

Massive crowd
There was this quiz session to get a prize from Blizzard.
On the other side, there were speeches and upcoming game trailers from the developers on the main stage. A game trailer on Gravity Rush 2 was on the huge display screen. Smokes were released into the air to create a good atmosphere.

3.30 PM
We ended our day at the convention by playing Street Fighter 5. There was a short queue and we managed to play for 2 rounds. Surprisingly I won against my gamer friend by spamming buttons at the joystick!

I took many photos but due to the lighting inside the convention, they were dark. I could not compete against those professionals who wielded huge DSLR cameras with extended tripod. (I am sorry to all my guy’s readers. I did not take any booth babes photo). Please enjoy the photos!

The area was packed with gamers and fans.
Every game stations were limited to 5 minutes per person.

Did not buy a single shirt from them. I need a Umaru shirt!
Retro games were on display and for visitors to try.
Cheap games for sales.
Gengga!! Chikooooo!!
Castlevania game was only $25. I thought it was a collector item.
DA Masters game, more card games surfaced in the market now.
Cheap cheap old school game.
No demo. Game trailer only.
You may purchase your gaming gears here at discounted price.
Singapore Developers's Booths from outside.
You can purchase discounted games here.
4 demo stations for Street Fighter 5.
Random chicken at game trailer.
Crowd in front of PlayStation booth.
It was empty when I just came.
I wanted to play this but it was packed with them.
I was shocked. Really. One of the popular game and I did not have my chance on it.
Blizzard's crowd.
Free Redbull drinks. It makes you grow wings~
Oversea games companies booth. The first guy is from Hong Kong. They are launching a detective novel game but it is in chinese.
The game art style from the Hong Kong company. He gave me a pen afterwards.
Lego Iron Man and Captain America demo game.
Official cosplayers from the game were interacting with the visitors.
What is D-Link doing in this convention? -Everyone is asking.

Need to be over 18 to play this game.
I was amazed with the details on this sculpture. Look at the toes!
The guys demonstrated his skill on Zbrush 4 when I came over to his booth.
Earlier hour of the convention. It was not so crowded.
The only booth babe's photo.
Players were trying on the latest games on PS4
On the second level, registered visitors were allowed to test on VR goggle. 

This was the official game for the Game Start Asia 2015. If you can get high score during the event, you may win something.

Many figures were for sales. 
The only corrected photo to make it clearer. Some character from a new game.

I heard this was a special edition item for sale only in this event.

Finally what was inside the goodies bag:
Stickers and MRT cards were excluded from the goodies bag. If you were lucky, at least you will get something from the random bag else they were all brochures and flyers. I do love the glow sticks. A pen and a notebook were inside.  

Stickers grabbed from a booth. MRT cards were given out by the developers when you played their games.
I hope you had fun too in the Games Asia Start 2015!

Written by SnoringSeal

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