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Catching Up: Adaptations, Finger Cramps and A.I. Channel

There has been a lot of adaptations coming out recently. From a Netflix adaptation of Death Note, to which I find to be incredibly amusing, to a Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, which I too find to be just as amusing. 

I mean the design and effort put into the movie is bloody brilliant but I just can’t help but laugh at it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not laughing at the casting or the story even. It just felt really off to me. To me, it was better than some adaptations that Japan has done but then again there are worse ones out there. Though on the other hand, there are some that are amazingly well adapted despite its minor flaws. 

Like for example Death Note, Rurouni Kenshin, Kami-sama no Iu Toori and I am Hero, which I enjoyed immensely. Upcoming ones such as Gintama and FMA leaves uncertainty in the community as previous examples proves that some adaptations aren’t meant to be. There is a rumor of a live action adaptation of SAO floating about but nothing has been confirmed so you may just treat it as a passing breeze.

As you can guess, I play a lot of Lucio

I got back into playing Overwatch recently after a break of two seasons of competitive. My friends have been bugging me to get a PC and dump this old MacPro of mine but I do most of my work on it so I’m still keeping it. I have plans on getting one but I’m pushing it for other upcoming events that I have in mind. So, I’m saving up for that. Though I did try it out on PC by visiting the “local” LAN shops, which was a regular routine I used to do back in secondary school. 

Turns out that I needed a separate account from my PS4 one to play on PC, which discouraged me a bit as I won’t be able to get the skins that I have in my PS4 one. Nevertheless, after continuous pester from other friends and me, I played it on my friend’s spare account. I have this thing where it takes me a while before I adapt to the controls of the game and I had this issue when I was in secondary school where we would lose games because I couldn’t play. My fingers just can’t react fast enough. 

So, after a “few” losses, I got the hang of it and we started to play more cohesively and it was fun, despite the toxic in the chat. I also realized then that I had not played an FPS game on PC for so long that my fingers cramp up midgame and I had to lift my hands from the keyboard to rest it frequently. I felt old, like are my bones acting up, am I getting enough calcium or have I not have enough exercise.

Recently, a new channel has popped up from the land of the rising sun. It quickly gained traction and has now become quite a meme, gaining more followers despite the communication barrier. Without the subtitles provided by subscribers, one cannot appreciate the humor that is A.I. Channel. 

I got curious of it as memes of it were appearing on Facebook and a few other websites that I’ve been to and I found the channel one day from recommendations on the Youtube. And from then on, the rest was history. I gotta admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the humor. It was certainly unique as she or he have these skits play out in front of the viewers. But lately, her videos are getting slightly dull. 

I enjoyed the previous let’s plays on the channel with the unique reactions and expressions. It is still enjoyable though, not going to lie.

Mate ne~

Written by Zwei

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