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Figure Unboxing and Review: Morgiana 1/8 Scale (Megahouse)

If you refer to my post earlier about Yuuki Yuuna, you will know that I got Morgiana delivered from Amiami on the morning of the same day!
I got her pre-owned from the pre-owned section of Amiami for a bargain, considering that her usual price ranges from 8-10k yen currently.

She was on condition C for the figure and B for the box, which suggests that she has been opened and displayed though all parts are still intact. And true to the description, I do see signs of use, but it was mostly just dust and nothing of a huge issue. There was no outstanding damages on either the figure or the box and I am quite pleased with this purchase as she had been my grail for the longest time.

Let's start with her box.


As you can see, she has a unique cutout on the front, top and even the sides of her box, in the shape of a star. This actually ties back well with the Arabian theme that Magi has about it, with "Alibaba" and "Sinbad" and what not. It's a very subtle but good inclusion and I'm pleased with it.

The back of her box showcases her in various poses and helps you decide which to put her in. Not to mention, they even included a small preview of her first order bonus, the tiny Morgiana on canarian clip!

The blister which Morgiana is encased in shows her fully so let's take a look at it to see what she comes with~

She actually only comes with the main figure, a red base and the mini-Morgiana, but the details on her actually makes her shine more!

Her base ties in with the color of her hair well, giving it a well balance to the massive stretch of white from her neck down to her feet. Also, despite her base being only a red circle, it actually has her name and the series name printed on it in gold, giving it some accent and details, which also ties in with the gold rims on her attire.

Posing and Assembly

Posing is reminiscent of the anime, where she was posed like this in one of her dance moves in the festival at Sindria. If you watched Magi, I'm pretty sure you'll know what I'm saying because that night was definitely memorable!

There is a great deal of movement in her pose and the fluttering and billowing out of her outfit mirrors that feel perfectly. The material is sculpted in a way which makes it look extremely lightweight, like it should be, and the semi-translucent effect makes that even more apparent.

Morgiana is definitely scantily dressed in this figure but there is something about it (maybe the atmosphere?) which doesn't make me think that she's supposed to be erotic at all but rather it is just a culture of the country in the series she's in, which is... kind of true.

Assembly is as simple as putting Morgiana whole onto the base. The problem comes when you decide where to put the mini-Morgiana, however as she is a keychain, there is definitely a lot of options for that!

Sculpting and Painting
Now that we have gone through the past sections, let us now immerse ourselves in highlighting different sides of her from the top down. Let's start with the veil.

As I have pointed out before, it looks extremely lightweight. It's also very flexible which resists damage but be careful not to break it. 

From the image you can also see that there is a definitive flow of her veil -- how it caresses the back of her head then curl in at the end -- which makes it look like she is really in mid-dance-move. We see the gold accents to her veil and they actually look like real bright gold instead of the typical dull ones that show up occasionally on figures.

Different shades of pinks are also used, such as that string of flowers, and there is a slight gradient to it which ends in white. It is a good inclusion because it helps us move from her striking deep red (or dark pink) hair to the stark whiteness of her outfit.

We can also see brightly colored flowers on the other side of her head which I would cover in a later picture when we have a clearer view of it. 
Here we can see her outfit better. Morgiana is definitely not one for chest size, but we can see that this outfit actually accentuates her figure. The tightness around her bosom as the outfit holds her chest up goes to show how much effort was placed in to make it look authentic because it definitely had to be tight around her chest to keep it from falling when she was dancing.

A bad part about this area that isn't showing up well on the photos would be the glue around the gold pearls going down from her neckline to her chest. It isn't that obvious but I just wanted to point out that my copy had that defect, which is okay because the pearls are small and I don't expect perfect work for this figure as it is a pretty old figure already. Megahouse probably improved a lot since then.
Here you can see her outfit better and this image is to highlight the pearly paint used for this figure.

Actually that sounds a bit controversial so allow me to clear things up. Her paint job is generally matte but her outfit catches light in ways that makes her look like she's sparkling at times. It's a really beautiful effect.

And here, we can see the loose material around her waist which accentuates how thin her waist is. Her stomach sculpt is also near perfection, and if they could do any better, they can try adding a little more shade to it.
The choker and anklets are detailed and the red jewel in the middle really stands out. But more importantly, we get to see the flow of the material around her legs. Morgiana relies on her legs for battle a lot and it's nice to see a little tribute given to them!

Also, the strip of material between her legs is really very flexible so try not to fiddle around with it too much or it'll break easily. I was actually quite afraid of breaking mine when putting her on the base...

Here's a little more leg tribute and a mention to how nice and realistic the sculpt of her thighs is. 

The images above show how much movement her outfit has and how each crease feels like it actually has a purpose on the figure.

And finally, let's take a look at the flower on the other side of her head. It has that slight gradient again but now with the inclusion of the blue flower.

This highlights the part where the main part of her hair is (the high ponytail) which is curled at the ends. This gives it a fancy feel as opposed to normal everyday Morgiana with straight hair.

Morgiana is one of my favorite characters in the anime universe and I feel this figure has captured one of the scenes involving her. While it didn't capture the everyday Morgiana or the strong her, this is a girly side of her that is indisputably her as well.

If you are one of Morgiana fans, this figure is a must-buy.

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