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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid #121: Saber Super Movable Edition

Another day, another Saber Nendoroid unboxing and review, but this particular one is a little different from your average Nendoroid. For fans of Max Factory's line of Figma action figures, the Saber Super Movable Edition Nendoroid is right up your alley, featuring more than 20 articulated joints, down to the ankles. This means that you can recreate any pose from the visual novel or anime series, be it the activation of her Noble Phantasm or any dynamic mid-fight pose that have been screen-capped thousands of times. 

Other Saber Nendoroids that have a Super Movable edition include the 10th Anniversary one sporting even shinier armour and the gothic Saber Alter. If you're looking at the Fate/Stay Night line of Nendoroids as a whole, you'll be glad to know that the suave and sarcastic Archer is 'super movable' too.

Included in the blister pack is the usual host of accessories for Saber, such as Excalibur and its scabbard, Avalon plus Caliburn and the accompanying sheath. The two extra faceplates feature a stern expression and even one where she's throwing a tantrum. Don't forget two sets of extra hands. 

The lack of any extra arms and legs is a boon, due to the Nendoroid's Figma-esque joints removing the need for such parts. This removes the hassle of playing hide and seek with any loose arms or legs, a problem most Nendoroid collectors face, I'm sure.

The figure itself feels loose and flimsy, probably due to the number of movable parts in it and not due to poor construction. I was gingerly handling it from start to end and that's one minor downside for this Saber Nendoroid, but nothing actually fell out easily, other than the feet, which were held at the ankles by ball joints. I can't imagine how clumsier collectors will fare when posing this figure.

This was one of the earlier Saber Nendoroids but Good Smile Company has already perfected the art of scaling down the King of Knights to chibi size by this point. From the standard issue ahoge to the minor details in her chest plate and frills in the dress, there was nary a thing that was missing.

Once again, I apologise for the lack of creativity in posing, choosing to recreate a pose from one of the scenes in the visual novel. Maybe I should've chosen a screenshot from one of the fights in the Unlimited Blade Works anime instead. The different joints in the Nendoroid was a nightmare to work with. Heck, even her skirt can be adjusted. This proves that I need more nimble fingers and more practice posing. Saber Alter 'Super Movable' Edition, you're next!

Written by ET

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