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A Second Letter To Nayuki

Dear Nayuki,

Ogenki desuka? Time certainly waits for no one, and in just a few blinks of the eye you have refined yourself not only as an individual, but an essential part of Team Otori. I can't believe the season has already concluded with the team's final performance amid unfavourable circumstances. You guys did very well! The farewell scene had made me tear up a little bit. Letting go is just not easy, especially when one is gradually taking in the stars. Yeah, the ultimate star sign which Team Otori had formed with such style and confidence. I wonder if I would be able to meet all of you again.

I wish that I could try some of that scary shumai though. They definitely looked appetising to me! But the story behind it wasn't actually frightening to be honest. I was genuinely tickled by the build-up and such. And the out-of-character expression on your face simply killed a whole lot of us. Your potential had indeed served you well. I wouldn't mind eating scary shumai for an entire week. The palate could well use a different combination of nutrients besides the usual bento. Oh, how about the special soothing tea which your younger sisters forced you to drink? I wonder if that would also rid me of my frequent jitters. 

I'm so thrilled that Team Otori got reunited with its mentor after all those hiccups. I know just how uniquely precious this bond is to all of you. The mutual love which has broken barriers and conquered challenges has strengthened considerably over this season that any hint of sentiment just feels heart-wrenching. Your friendship with Hoshitani has an infinite place in my heart. Your confession had somehow prompted that the finale was approaching, come to think of it. On a different note however, there are many who have melted at the notion of you and Hoshitani being an item. 

Gosh, I'm so missing you guys now. I should have had mentally prepared myself for a situation like this. Well, the withdrawal symptoms wouldn't be much of a struggle to keep under control though. I could just retreat to square one and meet you guys right from the beginning. It has been a wonderful adventure, and I thank Team Otori for everything. As with the rest of my favourite anime, hopefully there would be an opportunity to witness yet another spectacular moment that is truly Team Otori. Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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