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Pieces Of July

Hello readers. The month began with a little bedroom drama; my computer went on a vacation without telling, and what sounded eerily like Freddy Krueger scratching his killer claw against the blackboard came out of the central processing unit. This went on for days before my ever imaginative mind concluded that something must be haunting my bedroom. I heard from somewhere (sorry I have long forgotten the source) that Summer is a great time for scary stories. Mine probably doesn't qualify as one, but let me think of another. Oh, I was walking home late one night on the pavement where a whole stretch of trees stood alongside. Suddenly, I could hear a strong rustling from one of the trees. Then, my right ear had this weird, itchy sensation. I wished that it was a piece of leaf, but I got a huge half-dead ant perched on my ear instead.

Anyway, what is new in July? Assassination Classroom - the live-action movie adaptation has recently hit our shores with the lethal yet simply irresistible Koro-sensei, a gigantic yellow octopus created entirely with computer graphics. The movie also features an ensemble of actors whose names I have no slightest idea of. Yeah, as much as I would like to deny certain things, I'm truly behind times when idols and such are concerned. But that wouldn't stop me from wanting to catch the movie. I mean, it couldn't be more apparent that Assassination Classroom, or at least its charm, is all about that yellow octopus. I still wish I could be Koro-sensei's student. It would be wicked to have afternoon tea with him right behind the school!

The mangaka of Kiniro Mosaic, Hara Yui, has added a new book to her repertoire titled Wakaba Girl. An anime adaptation has recently premiered as well. This should come as no surprise when I say that I'm a sucker for four-panel manga. Yeah, welcome to my universe (?). I'm also easily drawn to those slice-of-life stories and the many different characters who embody them. Now, should I simply ignore the paperback mountain in my bedroom in favour of considering Wakaba Girl as an ideal companion on a lazy afternoon, or be slapped by the gritty reality of never going to start let alone complete any of the titles long bought and stashed? By the way, the sixth tankoubon of Kiniro Mosaic was out not too long ago. I'm never getting rid of this mountain.

If you fancy Japanese food hassle-free, there is an affordable diner right in the heart of Nex at Serangoon. It serves mouth-watering udon and rice dishes apart from a wide selection of toppings and such. I have no idea when the diner was established as I pretty much stumbled upon it by chance. Oh, it is called Ten-Ichi Udon! Naturally (?), the built-in radar beeped furiously and demanded immediate access to a lovely lunch consisting of yummy Curry Rice and Fried Mini Crabs. Gosh, I could eat this everyday! No kidding. The curry was thick and flavourful with cubed carrots and potatoes. It complemented the white rice perfectly. The mini crabs were crunchy and pleasant to the taste buds. Ten-Ichi Udon also sells canned Asahi beer, but that wasn't why I decided to lunch there. The cup on the right had iced water in it.

After the usual bout of procrastination, I really should sort out some stuff. Anime, manga...oh, I watched a little Plastic Memories the other day. Quite an interesting concept.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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