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A little daydream~

You're in the middle of watching a high school anime series and you wonder why your school can't be more Japanese. 

You know, the nice big campus with at least one big sakura tree in the middle of the courtyard, just waiting to shed it's blooms during spring. So, that you can watch the soft pastel pink petals fall while you sing Hatsune Miku's Sakura no Ame for your graduation song and reminisce the days. Or maybe watch the girl that you like from the third floor window, peering through the maze of branches during autumn, hoping to catch a glimpse of her sitting and laughing with her friends beneath the shade of that sakura tree. And then! Finally, during winter, you find her sitting at the bench under the spreading branches of the tree, and you walk up to her and present her a snow bunny you clumsily made. Ah...a winter sonata?

Perhaps, you'd wish your school actually had flat roof tops, that allowed student access. So then you'd be able to feel the breeze teasing your hair as you looked down and watched your classmates play down below. Or you could sneak up there secretly to eat lunch with your friends, away from the crowds. And then! Maybe get closer to that reclusive bad boy that likes to skip classes but still hangs around school (doesn't anyone question this fact in anime?!) official, unofficial date kinda thing.

Other things you wish for include the school uniforms, you know, assuming where you live has four seasons, you'd want the whole sailor uniform in summer and the blazer look in winter, even though you know they are two separate and different looks. You want them anyway. Oh, and the whole concept of the kinda cute matching school bags and shoes...and school swimming costumes...with the name tags...okay...maybe you'd draw the line there...xD

Finally, you secretly want to be the person seated in the seat right at the back, nearest to the window. Yea, that meme that has been floating around. Who doesn't want to be the main character in their story. Then you can have the girl of your dreams sit next to you, your best friend sit in front of you (and the girl's best friend sit diagonally from you...~ just to make things a little harder for you to get the girl...:p). Oh, and being in the back means you can do a little snoozing before getting caught by the teacher, what's not to love.

Sigh...that was awesome to think about~

Happy day dreaming!

P.S. Pictures are not mine, neither are the memes.

Written by Neko

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