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Pre-AFA 2016 (Kind Of)

A couple of days ago, during Japanese lesson a classmate had mentioned about the now-famous-like-we-could-actually-see-infinity Pikotaro, the persona behind the viral song PPAP. If anybody hasn't watched the video already, I wouldn't blame you for not having done so though. It just stays with you, but I suppose that someday the complicated feelings should wear off. Anyway, Pikotaro will make a guest appearance at the upcoming Anime Festival Asia. Yeah, AFA! That sure is a rapid-fire decision, don't you think? My sensei believes that Pikotaro would most likely appear on the year-end Kouhaku Utagassen. The Red and White Song Battle is a must-watch annual tradition among the Japanese, so I don't sensei might just win the bet. Nope, I didn't place on anything. I mean, whether Pikotaro appears or not isn't within my slightest interest. I am simply saying.

Speaking of which, it is rather a relief knowing that there is a handful of stuff which isn't alien to my brain. A huge event like this can be a difficult hike up the slope, though the madness varies quite frequently and drastically. Of course, it helps to be able to understand the floor plan and such. Nope, I am hopeless at that. Oh well, nobody should get intimidated by anything in the first place. I see that Hibike! Euphonium is one of the featured anime. The second season that is. I am not one who is spot-on familiar with the voices behind many anime characters. I just appreciate anime for what it is. Even when I am listening to character singles, I don't wonder about the people behind the vocals. Okay, I am not exactly helping my case, am I? But I like Hibike! Euphonium. 

Monster Curry is one of the featured exhibitors. Yeah, the one and only Monster Curry...if there is anybody who says that. I will say that the menu looks really mouth-watering, and the prices are way lower than those at their outlets. Then again, I have no idea what size the serving is. The Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry looks awfully tempting. Okay, everything is. I have a profound weakness for Japanese curry. While I am still able to curb the desire to bury my face into one, that just heightens the sentiments which I carry for the plate of sinfulness. Anyway, eating curry will surely raise the heat by a few notches. There is the crowd, there are the cosplayers, there is...okay, you get the idea, don't you?

Hello there, Koro-sensei! I see that you and your famous 3-E class will be at Anime Festival Asia as well. Hmm, how long has it been since then? I don't quite recall many details, but I actually like you a lot. I mean, your students have to assassinate you with what and all they could before they graduate. That is insane to say the least. I understand that nothing is ever permanent in this world. It is just a matter of time that something or somebody will disappear from our surroundings. For the lack of a better word to describe this unique goodness which continues to manifest from your presence, you are simply wonderful. Ah, that reminds me of a little something. A few of your students have a character song which is in fact the cover of Gakuen Tengoku. Yeah, I wish that I had a paradise for school.

Anime Festival Asia runs over three days from 25th to 27th November 2016. Amid the familiar madness every year is one hell of an experience, so do take in the sights and sounds but most importantly, enjoy yourself to the fullest. Or at least try to.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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