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Devi & Neko's STGCC adventures nyan~

Devi: I was so excited to go to my first big convention in Singapore, the STGCC! Not only could I geek out on anime stuff, but also star wars, marvel, dc and well, almost everything I COULD geek out on. As soon as Neko and I walked in we were frantically checking out everything and I knew I had a good partner in crime in her! What did you think about going to this convention with me Neko?

Neko: Nya... Some poor partner I must have been though since it was my first time at STGCC too. But Devi seemed to know what to do more than I did! We tried to be systematic in our explorations, but...

Devi: You were an amazing partner! Geeking out together is the best :) 

Figures & Comics

Right off the bat we were dazzled with the best figures and models, Hulk in his gladiator armor makes me so hyped for Thor: Ragnarok already!

Devi: HULK SMASH! HULK BASH! But I guess in this movie he can already talk a bit judging from the trailers. Hyped!

Devi: Not really that fond of the VERY bright lights shining on the figurines..The pictures were over-lighted because of this.

Devi: We love Wonder Woman! Don't we Neko?

Neko: She's amazing, and after the latest movie costume update to something finally battle worthy, she looks like she can take on anyone now!

Devi: I saw these weirdo bears in Japan as well! I did NOT get them. Neko had to explain these to me lol

Neko: Hey hey, these are the prettiest Bearbricks I've seen a while, and since I am a huge fan of tokidoki (especially the unicorno designs!). I was a little starry-eyed at the displays!

Devi: So colourful!

Neko: Tokidoki for the win!

Devi: OMG UNICORNS! I felt like little Agnes from Despicable me.

Neko: Sho fluffy (shiny?). Unicornos!!

Devi: So colorful and cute! Makes me crave for icecream though...

Neko: Devi was so enamoured by this. I was cannibalistic ice creams eating each other...hmmm...

Devi: No no they are just errr, playfully biting each others' tails... yeah that's it...

Devi: Street Fighter! That is some proper youth nostalgia for me. Neko age-shamed me for this one.

Neko: Eh?! Devi is still young and pretty okay! Haha... I'm one of those terrible button-mashers in Street Fighter...oops

Devi: Hahah button-mashers... Well that's what I used to do when I was a kid too so.. no shame in that! I even played Mortal Kombat once upside down.. Kids amiright? :')

Devi: Ok ok so I am a sucker for Dragonball Z. Not a huge fan of DB Super (though I am still following it..) I actually started rewatching DBZ, I like the ocean dub the most because I grew up with that one. Also it has grittier voices and background music/sounds. Makes me take it a bit more seriously than the overly dramatic and a bit too upbeat Japanese versions.

Devi: Neko, how much was this Millennium Falcon model again? Like over 500 SGD or something? Yikes. Again, what's up with all these bright lights??

Neko: I think it was over a thousand actually :x... Though don't take my word for it, me and numbers just don't go together.

Devi: Either way, Star Wars was heavily presented at this convention. There was even a huge middle section of the hall devoted to real-life Star Wars ships and models.


Devi: Nice to see some Gundam mecha too!

Neko: Gundam! Talking about Gundam... Did you know that the life-sized Gundam RX-78-2 at Diver City, Odaiba, Japan was recently replaced by a RX-0 Gundam Unicorn?

Devi: I didn't know that! Actually, I haven't seen it yet :x.. Been to Japan a lot but hah.. Next time, next time..

Devi: Oh man Robotech, I loved the old Macross. I still have the videotapes of Robotech by the way.. STOP AGE SHAMING ME NEKO!

Neko: Ah haha... :x... I'm sorry if I had little idea of what Robotech is... oops... :p


Devi: I really loved the X-Men through the decades corner, they showed the original art through the decades. This was pretty fantastic.

Neko: Welcome to the Devi fangirling session~!

Devi: Look at that inking, SO amazing!

Neko: Yes! The ink was done so well! It's cool to note that the corner was created through the collective effort of Singaporean fans who lent their collections to the exhibition! Our guide though, the mini corner was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, expounding on the history and collaborative features of the penciller and inkers!

Devi: That's really amazing! I met a guy who started talking to me whom had a huge collection of comics, but he lost them during transport! They were scattered over the highway and it was also a rainy day.. I felt so sorry for him! I would probably curl up in a corner and cry..

 The Artists

Devi: After this we went to the artists' section, there were a lot of artists selling their work. Neko and I found this one artist that had GREAT stuff! Neko bought a really nice piece and I couldn't stay behind of course.
Neko: Zu Orzu was amazing, her art was amazing too. And it's her real name too! Very cool. Being a complete sucker for abstract art, how could I ever resist buying the art piece. 

Devi: Together with the artist Zu Orzu, for more of her art visit her website.

Neko: Turns out, Zu Orzu is an art senior of one of my best friends too! Singapore is really small...

Devi: Wow, that is such a coincidence! I was quite surprised about this. I guess Singapore really is small, I still have to find this out for myself!

Neko: Welcome to Singapore Devi... One day... You'll find that you just randomly bump into people you know... Like how I met my old friend at the convention too~

Devi: I stumbled upon these really nice people from the Philippines, I was going through their comic 'Random Mess' (it spoke to me hah) and saw this certain page. I looked at them and looked back and asked them, 'Is this you?' they replied surprised: 'Yes it is! You are the first to make that connection'. That was pretty funny! I saw more artists that used themselves as inspiration for their comics. It's also a fun way to get to know someone in a different way. And of course I had to take a picture with them holding that page! Check them out at this link.

Devi: My next victim was the Yellow Princess. Just overlook all the black, the hat and the beard and you will get there.. 
Devi: I Asked him for a card, he asked me what my favourite animal was. A bit surprised and intrigued I said: Polar bear. He starts drawing... And I got a personalised card! I love it!

Devi: so seeing this card, I wondered which one he is so I asked him are youuu, Wayne then? And I was wrong, well it was a 50-50 chance. See more info on them on their Instagram or website.

Devi: Walking around I saw these comics which really spoke to me because they are about traveling and living in Japan, which I have also experienced. Very relatable, created by Evangeline Neo. I like how she presented the cultural differences from a Singaporean perspective. I couldn't get the book then, but I will get one for sure.

Neko: You met Eva and you didn't tell me?!?! D:! Haha... Well I did meet her at other events, so alright... heh~ And if you guys are wondering where I went off too... It's cause I dashed off to buy TeeTurtle shirts (I'm a huge fan...~!). As off writing this, they are having a sale now too!

Devi: I bought one piece of art from this artist, I forgot to take his card so if anyone knows him, please comment on this blog! Anyway, this is his art, I really loved this piece, the lines and the colouring are interesting and the composition completes it.

Devi: Last but not least I got a comic from Brad Daniels, he took 50's comics and rewrote the dialogue, which is pretty hilarious. Check out his work!

The Cosplay Corner 

Devi: While walking around we of course stumbled upon a lot of cosplayers. Here's a little peek at some of the cosplayers I photographed.

Devi: I really liked Rogue One and Chirrut as a character. Do you like Star Wars Neko?

Neko: I wouldn't say that I'm a die-hard fan, but I can appreciate the story and the movies~^^ 

Neko: At this point I'm wondering about the popularity of Spiderman, I mean the movie was great... and Tom Holland was cute... What do you think Devi?

Devi: I guess with tons of different Spiderman and Marvel movies the market is a bit saturated. This way they do appeal to a younger audience but makes me wonder if Spidey will grow up one day.. lol. But I enjoyed the last movie Spiderman: Homecoming. (He's only getting younger..)

 Devi: Khaleesi!

Devi: This Doc Oct cosplay was pretty awesome. Wonder how it was navigating this though, would you have been able to balance this Neko?

Neko: Wow... This is cool o.o... I think the arms kinda balance itself out(?) Or maybe he just practiced a lot... like walking in heels... just practice~ And anyway, wouldn't you just make way for him anyway... afterall he IS the Doc~


Devi: We saw a really big Warhammer corner and they were playing games there. Also, they were showing some game on the big screen, fill me in here Neko? I don't know much about games..

Neko: Well... There was a huge gaming section in the convention, from the traditional card games to the super high-tech VR stuff, from the latest games in the market to the smaller more indie side of game development! I fact I did talk to one small game development team called Nanic Studios, they made a game called A Hunter's Tale. Honestly, I was attracted to the cute character design and the well drawn backgrounds. They developed their turn-based game with the intention of the game being educational, to teach students certain decision making skills. While the set up was a little confusing, once you got the hang of it, it required quite a bit of strategy to play!

Credit: Nanic Studios

Devi: I did try the VR goggles and played some alien shooting game, which was pretty fun! It was really weird wearing the goggles, it really does seem like you are right there in the game. I had to get used to using the controller to walk around and move my sight around. I am the type of person that used to move my body from left to right playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo.. So inevitably I stepped forward wearing the goggles, but as you don't have a perception of space I lost my balance! I have a video, won't put it up unless people are looking for laughs. (I know you are going to ask me for this Neko..).

 Devi: I felt like a tough VR soldier, yes I did! A very unbalanced one lol.

Devi: The graphics were quite nice, and I am sure in the future it's going to be very life like. I have seen the show 'The Tribe', the Technos are coming... Did you have this show in Singapore? Or is this before your time Neko? Heh heh..

Neko: Nope, haven't heard of it, but now that I'm reading about it... It does sound interesting!

Devi: I also really liked this Dominator from Psycho Pass, the way it opened and closed was awesome. What did you think Neko?

Neko: I'm quite the fan of Psycho Pass, and the dominator is so cool, but so pricy, but still a great addtion to any Psycho Pass cosplay!

Devi: all in all I had a really good time, I was really tired after walking around for a while. We bought some snacks at the end which I munched on later back home. Neko how were your snacks? The marshmallows with chocolate and the one with pudding were delicious! Oh and the Peking Duck Seaweed was also a good one.

Neko: I am... slurping my cup noodle that I bought there... yummy. And of course, the seaweed tempura is my absolute favourite too!

Devi: Thank you for keeping me company Neko, I had a really great time! Also a shout-out to Chub, my friend who met me there and Justinn a.k.a Fluffysheep and Zwei that I met there at the Media Lounge. See you all at the next convention! And thanks to STGCC, the artists, sponsors and everyone involved for a wonderful convention.

Neko: Thank you for taking all the photos Devi! It was great nya~ Let's all hangout sometime soon! See you next time~!

~Written by Devi and Neko~

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