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「Mobage」Yumeiro Cast: Introduction to Gameplay (Part 1/2)!

Here's to the next update on the game "Yumeiro Cast", otherwise known as YumeCast. It is also one of the games which I am very much into currently and I'll like this game to reach out to more individuals as well!
Upon starting the game for the first time, you will see this screen with seven bishounen and fret not because you will be able to choose your starter. YumeCast is a rhythm and otome game, which means that you will be able to bond with one guy and read stories which are written and presented as they are in otome games. That being said, you can bond with any of the 7 characters, it just depends on which guy you set as your partner~
Chibis are not the only cute thing in this game. The faces of your cards in the panels are really pretty too and this is cleverly illustrated even in the tutorial. There are also 3 different types of notes in this game, namely yellow tap notes, blue hold notes and green double tap notes. 
Notes appear at the corner of each of the 8 panels and when it  converges to the center, that's when you need to place your finger to the phone (or remove it). This style of gameplay layout is very different from the other rhythm games I have played and it needed some getting use to. In fact, I am still in the midst of getting used to it.
Stories are also provided in this game. There are 4 broad categories of stories: main drama, idolised stories, bonding stories, and new card stories. 

Main drama consists of the main stories which are unlocked when you hit a particular rank. 

Idolised stories are unlocked when you idolise a card, and each of these stories will give you 5 dream stones. This applies to cards of all rarities. 

Bonding stories are unlocked every 5 heart levels. The leader of each team will be given "love points" at the end of every live performance (musical) and these points will be used to level up heart levels. Each increase in heart level will give the player a better score if they tap the same particular character. As heart levels are tied to the character and not the card, increasing the heart level of a character would result in a higher point offset given when tapping any card of the character.

New card stories are unlocked when you acquire a brand new card. This extends to cards of all rarities, though, you do not get any additional items from reading these stories, but simply getting to know the character better.

After going through the tutorial of the different notes, you will be asked to choose your starter. For this, you will get a Rare card from a scout and later get a second copy for idolisation. Now, allow me to do some bad translation for you.
Sorry, I didn't take a screenshot of the caption for Kyouya. 
Iori: Don't overexert yourself, idiot. It's obvious that you're pushing yourself.  
 Sousei: I won't give you up to anyone.
 Hinata: As punishment, you need to give me a lap pillow~
 Kaito: Remember. Your everything... belongs to me.
 Jin: Come over, Princess. Let's continue our lesson...
 Subaru: Just watch me! I will show you a dream you've never seen! 

Scouting in the game is similar to Idolm@ster Deresute: Starlight stage. You get a clipboard and you have to slide it open to reveal your cards. This same setup is valid for both the Friend Points Gacha and the Dream Stone Gacha.
 As a second part to this tutorial, you need to play an Easy version of the first song on the normal side "Call Heaven!!". Each musical is divided into 4 parts: Part A, B, C and Full. As seen in the image below the parts A to C require less AP and will give less exp too. In events, they give less event points as well.
 r the normal side, all songs give 1 Dream Stone for Score S, inclusive of Parts A to C. Experts also give 1 Dream Stone for its first clear (only entitled to the Full version). You get 1 Dream Stone for every 15th, 30th and 50th play of Expert songs. This is applicable for most Hard songs as well.

Just let it rain Dream Stones~

Do note that however, some of the Special songs do not have Dream Stones for Parts A to C so do check before playing the songs. There are Special songs dedicated to help increase love points too!
After every update (at least the 2 I have been through), there is a short drama which will cover most of the new Gacha updates. This shows the Christmas scout that I experienced after starting the game.

This is the event UR which as given out during the event as a points reward. I might make a separate article sometime later to cover the event itself. About the card, the left is the unidolised version and the right is the idolised.
This is the Christmas Subaru card and similarly, the left is the unidoplised and the right is the idolised. Thankfully, I managed to scout two copies and idolise him! This card looks so good idolised!

For the next part of the Introduction, I will be mentioning several additional info such as the Theatre and the Backstage details as well as cover some important updates (Season 3) that have recently kicked into the game. After which, I'll start on covering the mechanics of the events and how they compare to other rhythm games I play or have played.

If you want to know more about the 7 characters, feel free to check out my previous YumeCast article here!

~ Reina-rin

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