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Upcoming Anime: Free! -Eternal Summer-


Hi there~ Well, I'm just popping by to let the world know that our summer swimming boys are back for a season two this coming July. What am I talking about? The anime Free! Iwatobi Swim Club of course! Read some stuff about it here!

Sleepover Party~!
Anyway, season two of Free! is also known as <<Free! -Eternal Summer->>, and I'm super excited to see more of these cute swimmers and watch how their friendship and swimming develops in season two. I'm looking forward to seeing Haruka jump into more random pools of water. Makoto fretting over what Haru does. Rin being all angsty. Nagisa goofing around. And Rei's swimming improving. Not to mention, more Gou (the representative of all fangirls of the series) with her fascination over muscles.

Here's the real teaser though, I've been waiting (impatiently) for KyoAni to release a proper trailer for Free! season two, and they dropped it just this morning. Yay!

So you can watch it here:

And here's the translations for what they were saying in the trailer:

*the words in brackets are not spoken but seen as text in the trailer*

The seasons are changing.
The days are calm/quiet.
But, it can't just stay this way.
I only want to (swim)!

Summer is coming!

Our summer!
(To see that sight.
Just one more time.)
The first and last~
Eternal summer~

Okay, so you're all hyped up about the second season now with nowhere to spend all that excess energy, here's some things you can do to tide you over till July~

1. Re-watch Season One - What better way to start off a new season than refreshing ourselves on what happened in the first season. Relive the hype, restart the feels, and get ready for more shipping scenes!...I mean...awesome swimming scenes~^^"

2. Read some Fanfiction - After watching season one, saying you don't have a bias in the show is a lie. So, why not spend some time reading some wonderful fics about them~ or archiveofourown is a good place to start. Tumblr prompt sites and livejournal may also carry interesting stories. Fuel your feels with fics!

Haruka <3
3. Start a Free! picture collection - Oh, yes. Admiring fanart should satisfy the Free! cravings for awhile, or will it make it worse? ._. Anyway, Google is a good place to start, and of course Tumblr is the ultimate haven for browsing through countless of beautiful art pieces too.

High Speed!
4. Read the light novel - By light novel I mean High Speed! The one which this anime was inspired from. The light novel covers our characters childhood stories, and a little dig into the past can be a great insight to them and their lives. You can find this in English on mangahelpers here!

Drama CD~^^
5. Listen to the Drama CDs - There are two drama CDs released for this anime so far, and they consist of short stories not shown in the anime. The banter is light and funny, and ranges from waxing, to who Haruka would date if the other characters are girls, to the first day when Niitori and Rin meet. If you haven't heard them I suggest you take to youtube and listen to them!

6. Listen to the Free! OST/Character Songs - Mhm...the OP and ED song of the first season was great! And so were the character songs, take a listen to Makoto or Rin's voice when you're bored and need something to squeal about.

That's all from me folks~

Sit tight for that season two~!

Written by Neko

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