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Hare Kon

Recently, I was invited to a rather peculiar wedding ceremony where three women have exchanged marital vows with the same man. In that particular town, such a phenomenon is not uncommon. Known as Hare Kon, it is where a man is permitted to marry multiple wives in an effort to save the declining birth rate. However, that same man can only take up a maximum of three wives. I can't say that I completely trust that arrangement anytime though it seems like a gradually natural affair in the eyes of the community. Then again, what could be worse?

Yeah, the utter fact that a woman has to share her husband with other women is largely unimaginable yet when she becomes confronted with a situation like such, her mind and heart can't readily agree though it is apparent that there is no other way than to embrace wholeheartedly her circumstances. Of course, she does develop feelings for her man. The idea of reciprocal however hinders that process. With three wives in the house, does that imply that the man's love for each woman is just one-third?

The outburst of varying emotions seeps through this unconventional relationship. Confusion sinks in almost all the time. The woman feels strongly against even the minute things that would have been fine with the other wives. Her 'sisters' are intolerant towards the new wife's complaints and such, as they believe that she is missing the bottom line of the situation. Once a person has entered into a new arrangement, there is no way to look back and whine about anything. 

The fine line between love and sex is easily overturned as well. I suppose that it is only natural for married couples to do the thing even if it could come across as perverse especially when the same man is tending to three different women at different times. The woman finds it nearly impossible to give in to that idea, yet over time it becomes apparent that she no longer struggles that much with exclusivity. Sure, there are more pressing issues around but the moment itself is just as important as it would define the direction of the woman's relationship with her husband and his other wives.

Drama is always present regardless of what is good or bad. So is comic relief. There are a lot of hilarious moments in their relationships with each other. Here is one that just kills without conscience: First Wife and Second Wife are in the middle of a heated debate over what sort of lingerie the Third Wife should buy so as to entice their husband at night. I didn't know that trying on lingerie so openly in the store was remotely possible in the first place. Well, that is part of life too I guess!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪   

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